Rescue Recap- w/e 02/27/11

Posted: February 25th, 2011

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Hey everyone, it’s me Crash! You may remember….. I came to ABR from a cruelty case where animal control found me locked in a garage and starving. I’ve been in boarding in TN since December waiting for a foster home to open up for me. Well, it’s happening! I’m arriving in PA today (02/25/11). Yeah! 

Crash’s photo album

Canolli really needs to go to a home. She has been boarded for more than three months. They are wonderful to her at the kennel, but the cost ($10/day) is preventing us from having the money to save other dogs. Canolli was at the end of her rope when we pulled her from the shelter, skin and bones, loaded with tape worms, round worms, heart worms, fleas and over 20 ticks. After two heartworm treatments, she is now a healthy, happy girl who is gentle and just wants to be loved. Canolli does need to be the only dog in the family and isn’t suitable for dog parks etc. She is in MD. Won’t you please consider opening your home to her?

Canolli’s photo album

Canolli’s Petfinder link


New Arrivals:

Hello, my name is Piper! No, I’m not the Piper in FL currently looking for a home. I’m in PA and I’m new. Here’s what my foster mom writes about me:

Piper is doing great!  She sleeps in her crate at night and is very quiet. She is a little shy around new people, especially men, but warms up quickly.  She is decent on a leash, but will jump and “hug” you if she gets scared by a sound. She has adopted this pink blanket (in the pic) and will lay down and chew (not rip it)  on it for hours!! She is a super snuggler!!! Once we sit on the ground, she can’t wait to run over and curl up next to us.  Her favorite game is tug of war (with her toys only).  She runs around shoving toys in her foster brothers face trying to get him to latch on to an end and play. She has learned “sit” and now we’re working on “down”.  She is a really fast learner…I’m sure the bacon treats help. Anyways, she is a joy!

Piper’s photo album

Meet George Washington! Here’s what his foster mom writes:

George Washington  is less than 1 year old and has a sunny disposition. He was brought to my vets office a couple of weeks ago as a stray. I have had him neutered and vaccinated since then. He is greeeaat with my other dogs and respects their space when he needs to and plays in abundance with them when they want to play.  He is leash trained and loves sleeping in my bed.  He is an adorable fluff ball. He loves his toys and doesn’t chew on anything else, which really surprised me. He’s less than 50 pounds and is deaf, but not easily startled. I’m working on hand signal training. Adopt Georgie, cus he’s sweet and will love you forever. George is in FL.

George’s photo album

My name is Rusty Moto. Jodi’s working on my writeup right now and it should be posted very soon. Don’t I have the cutest underbite? They’ll tell you more about me in just a bit but one thing I know already is that I’m going to have to have surgery on my eyes. They’re kind of icky right now. I’m in PA.

Rusty Moto’s photo album

Happy Tails:

Hey everyone, it’s me Pinkie checking in. I’m doing just great and loving my new home. My name is now Lola and my new mom and dad sent ABR a note already to tell them how much they love me! Check out my Happy Tail page.

It’s me, Emma and I’ve been adopted! This is a picture of me snoozing with my new BIIIIIIIIIIIIG brother, Duke.

Emma’s photo album

Wow, has my life ever changed….. Nova here! I went from being chained to a tree 24/7 in the freezing cold and snow to a beautiful new home with a loving family. I even have 2 new little humans too. Here’s a video that my family took of me on my first day. Check out my Happy Tail page.

Nova’s photo album

Can you tell I LOVE my new human? It’s me, Deevie….. my name is Jesse now. My mom and I are doing all kinds of fun things together. Here’s my Happy Tail.

Long time, no see huh? It’s me, Merle!!!! Yep, I’ve been adopted. Yeah!!!!

Merle’s photo album

Our sweet, sweet, sweet little girl Clara has been adopted.

Hey guys! That’s me snoozing next to my dad 🙂

Clara’s photo album


A HUGE heartfelt thank you goes out to Pilots-N-Paws and to the pilots who so generously donate their time, planes, fuel etc. to help move these babies around to get them to safety. And another HUGE heartfelt thank you to all of the folks that help to coordinate these trips. It’s not an easy thing to do.

Piper’s Transport Team- North Carolina


 Dozer with Michelle- having just landed in NC. Pilot: Rick Roth