Rescue Recap- w/e 02/21/10

Posted: February 20th, 2010

Let’s see….. Zooey and Henry Bulldog, and Tumble were adopted this week. Woohoo!

Yankee was approved for the prison program at which is really great news! The HOPE Program works in conjunction with the State Correctional Institute at Camp Hill and CPAA member rescues. The program pairs carefully screened inmates with needy dogs for a 6-12 week period.  The inmates work together with a professional trainer, prison staff and HOPE volunteers to provide the dogs with basic obedience training, socialization, behavior modification and one-on-one attention.  The dogs involved in the program graduate with a wealth of valuable skills that help give them a paw up on finding a home. You can follow Yankee’s progress at their website.

The Hilton mom and puppies are doing just great.

Stinky 1 is also doing just great. We’re waiting on some pictures of him and hope to have them on the site over the weekend. (new photo added)

Azalia, Mr. Valentine, Cupid, and Mallory (see below) will be heading up to PA next weekend and are looking for their forever homes.

Busy, Busy Busy…. And, we could really use some donations to help to pay for all of the boarding costs, heartworm treatments, transports and on and on. We seem to have a rash (pun intended) of demodex babies too and those treatments are costly as well!!!! We are forever thankful for your support!

New Arrivals looking for a forever home:

This is Julie that we just saved from the high kill shelter at Miami Dade AC.  She is approx. 7-8 mos old and will be treated for demo and spayed.  She is very sweet and loving and will be a wonderful little girl for some lucky family.  She will be available for adoption as soon as she feels a little better. We’ll post more on Julie soon….. along with some new pictures. The shelter pictures are always just awful. Look at that face!
Meet Hewitt! This poor guy was found hanging out with a Golden Retriever very close to a busy road. The wonderful (and smart ) woman who found him thought it was best not to look for the family who let him get this way. Hewitt is great with other dogs and likes cats, he also likes cool looking sweaters and not wimpy ones : ) which he will need while he is being treated for Demodex (a non-contagious skin condition). Hewitt is currently in PA. View Hewitt’s Photo Album.
Sad, sad, sad….. Meet Dewey! He was adopted from ABR approximately 4 years ago by a single human. Dewey’s human recently got married and the wife doesn’t like dogs so he was returned to us. He really misses having a home to call his own. Here is his write up:
Poor Dewey. His family’s living circumstances have changed and they can no longer care for him. He’s a wonderfully sweet boy who loves children and other dogs. Dewey is well behaved in the house and walks perfectly on a leash. His health is excellent and he is a pleasure to be around!! Dewey is currently in PA. View Dewey’s Photo Album.

This huge guy, Shaq, is soon to be in ABR’s care. Here’s what the shelter wrote about him: Shaq is a super handsome 3-5 year old English Mastiff. His owner surrendered him because his owner’s mom didn’t want him in the home – he was purchased off of Craigslist. He needs someone with Mastiff experience because he is super strong. Shaq is a big moosh. He is very friendly and affectionate. This big boy LOVES to have his belly rubbed! He responds to ‘sit.’ Shaq showed absolutely no signs of food possessiveness. He is very interested in other dogs but has no manners so he drags you over, and then doesn’t know what to do. Shaq is currently in PA. View Shaq’s Photo Album

02/21/10, 4:16 pm- Shaq was just picked up from the shelter by his new foster mom and dad. They drove 3 hours one way to get him!

And another soon to be in our care…. Meet Whitey. He is at the same shelter as Shaq and here’s what they wrote about him: Whitey is a 3 yr old American Bull dog with a ton of energy and a great personality. He responds well to leash corrections, but is quite a puller. He is a friendly active boy that is goofy with other dogs, he army crawled over to meet a male pit, play bowed, and rolled around on his back. He played loudly but never escalated or was too dominant. He entices other dogs to play, and interacts properly for a dog his size. Whitey probably shouldn’t live with small children as he likes to jump to say hello. Whitey was surrendered by his owners because they are losing their house. He is housebroken, has lived with other dogs and teen age children. Whitey is such a happy boisterous dog. View Whitey’s Photo Album
Meet Mallory! We don’t know too terribly much about her other than she is 2-3 yrs old, is heartworm positive and has a great disposition. She will be making her way from Alabama to PA hopefully next weekend. She will get started on her HW treatment ASAP. View Mallory’s Photo Album

We wrote about Azalia last week. She will, hopefully, be making her way up to PA next weekend. Susan, her rescue Angel, visited her yesterday at the kennel and wrote this about her: Went to visit Azalia. She loved the turkey and rice I took her for her pre-surgery meal. LOL She was so playful – even though she’s 2-3, she still has the pup in her.  Her tail did not stop wagging and we all laughed at how she was prancing all over the kennel.  I sat down to love her and all she wanted was to sit in my lap and get a belly rub.  We definately have bonded!  She has really come into her own.  What a wonderful, wonderful dog.  If I ever get my wish to have a rescue I will name it Azalia’s Rescue.  I will never forget her.  We left after dark and as we were standing around talking she decided it was bedtime after she drank and drank and drank.  She played hard.  Oh yeah, loves to fetch but when she brings it back she has to sit in your lap.  Beautiful dog.  What a treasure.  Thank you Kim and Jodi for making it possible for her to have a life.  She was definitely doomed had you not rescued her the day before her time was up.  Love you guys. Susan

Azalia is also heartworm positive and will start treatment asap. View Azalia’s Photo Album.

Still waiting for my forever home……..

Purdy is another dog that we just cannot figure out why she hasn’t been adopted yet. She is one of the sweetest dogs on the planet, gets along with everyone and she talks to you! Jodi says that Purdy’s foster mom calls so she can hear Purdy talk. What a hoot! Here’s her write up:

Purdy is one of the loveliest girls we have ever met. She is happy all the time and talks to you to tell you she loves you, to tell you that she wants to play and that she needs to go outside. She doesn’t bark but mumbles and grumbles. She loves other dogs big and small. Purdy looks like she is all Boxer with a tail. She is in a foster home with a chihuahua and they are great together even though the chihuahua is not all that much fun. Purdy brings him a rope toy and he just walks away. Purdy would looooove a brother when she finally finds her forever home.  View Purdy’s Photo Album


Sugar really appreciated the video & song that we sent her last week but sadly, she’s still waiting in Florida for her forever family. We’re going to keep working on it, we just know you’re out there and just haven’t found her yet. She’s sending her own video out to everyone.

And NayLa still needs a home! Here is her write up:

Nahla and her sister came from a bad place where people didn’t feed them, kept them in crates all of the time. Nahla is very outgoing, much more so than her sister. She LOVES other dogs. She is is good on a leash. She is still very much a puppy so we will keep you posted on her housebreaking and house manners. NayLa is currently in PA. View NayLa’s Photo Album

New Happy Tails:

Formerly known as Mack, Yogi is now in his forever home and we’re thrilled to add his Happy Tail. We first wrote about Yogi (Mack) here.

View Yogi’s Photo Album

Formerly known as April, Ellie is now in her forever home and we’re thrilled to add her Happy Tail. We first wrote about Ellie (April) here. Is she not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen!

View Ellie’s Photo Album

Thank you’s!!!!

A BIG thank you to Abraham for being on standby in case Stinky 1 needed a blood transfusion!!!