Rescue Recap- w/e 02/14/10

Posted: February 13th, 2010

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!
We are thrilled to write that the following have been adopted this week or are well on their way to their forever homes- Boss, Nellie, Sue Ann, Mack, Blue Eyes, April and Jayden. Yeah!!!! We’re looking forward to receiving their Happy Tails stories from their new humans.
From our FL Volunteers- Cupid and Mr. Valentine are being flown part way and then driven the rest to PA this weekend/early next week. April is being adopted this week (tues or wed) by an adopter who is flying from NC to FL and then driving her back with him. Blue’s adopter is flying from NJ with a friend to pick him up and then drive him all the way back to NJ and he will be documenting it. CC is now in her foster in Jacksonville and doing great. Big Mack is being driven personally by his trainer to meet his new family on Saturday where Dave will introduce Mack to his new family. Beba (one of our FL Emergency dogs) is healing from her spay and is coming around slowly but surely with her rescuer/foster Trina. 
As always, we’re in need of donations. Our boarding costs have reached almost $3,000 per month and there doesn’t appear to be any end in sight. Thank you!
Here’s some highlights of more beautiful boys and girls looking for their second chance:
Poor Champ was living outside under a porch before we rescued him from a Baltimore neighborhood. He is currently in a very small run at our vet’s office in Reisterstown and has been there for 6 weeks. Champ  really needs a home to call his own. Here’s a little more about him: Champ is 3 yrs. old, 65 lbs., loves car rides, walks fairly well on a leash, plays nicely with other dogs and was raised with children. His previous owner tells us that he was well behaved in their house. He’s a healthy, athletic boy who is intelligent and eager to please. He has a bit of a prey drive, so probably not well suited for a home with cats or small dogs. He loves playing with large and medium sized dogs. If you would like to meet Champ, please call Kim at 443-386-6170 and fill out our adoption application. View Champ’s Photo Album.
Meet Henry Bulldog. This beautiful boy comes to us from a shelter in Henry County, GA where he was picked up as a stray. Here’s what the shelter wrote about him- Here is the new boy.  He is AWESOME!!!  Great with everyone today!  Even took a stroll in the cat room and when a terrified cat spit and hissed at him he was afraid and got behind me. Very nice young boy. Henry is in MD now. View Henry Bulldog’s Photo Album

This is Azalia! What a cutie she is. She was pulled, just in time, from a shelter in Clayton County, GA. A big thank you to Susan for her diligence in helping to coordinate things (and donating to help with her boarding/vet costs), to Maria for pulling her, and to Steve for taking care of her while we try to find a foster for her. Azalia will be going to the vet on Monday and we’ll post more on her next week.We also want to thank Tara from Bethlehem, PA for submitting the name Azalia (which means “God has spared”). View Azalia’s Photo Album

02/14/10- Susan visited Azalia today and writes- I had a blast!  Maria, Gwen and Steve are great people.  They are trying so hard to get a “setup” that will help the animals.  Azalia is in a good size kennel with a cover and rubber flooring.  She has a good house with heat lamp.  When we first got there she came to the gate kinda subdued, but then . . . I went inside.  She was so loving and loved human contact.  I brought her a teddy bear and some treats.  I asked her to sit for her treat and she did – over and over again.  She loved being touched and she gave me hugs (both paws around my neck).  She played with her bear tossing in the air and shaking it.  She is so pretty with her darker ticking on her head and faint throughout here body.  Her ears are kinda a chocolate and black.  Just a treasure!  She was so funny watching her play and then run over for some more loving – she couldn’t decide which she liked better.  LOL Bruce took a bunch of pics – hope not too many!  Keep fingers crossed for her heartworm test tomorrow.  We told them we would be back over to see her.  What a great Valentines Day.

Oakley finally arrived in PA! Here is her write up- Poor Oakley was found as a stray in rural Georgia with a gunshot wound in her leg. She ended up in a shelter who is manned by prisoners who were so in love with her. They took great care of her, they cleaned her wound and fed her as much as they could. Oakley’s shot wound and chain cuts are healed, her worms and infections gone too and now she just needs time to gain weight. Oakley is a pleasure and now that she is healthier, her personality is shining through; she’s inquisitive, playful and loving, a great girl! Oakley loves everyone she meets, she shares her toys with her friend Boss, she is very well behaved in the house. She is housetrained, crate trained and very respectful other than decapitating her stuffed animals. Because Oakley is so thin, she will be going through the slow kill heartworm treatment. She is able to play and live a totally normal life while getting it. Basically she just remains on Heartguard Plus. She will need to be tested again in 4 months. She is also going to be taking heart supplements.
If you remember, Pablo & Val from Blind Dog Rescue took amazing care of Oakley. They have written a special note to give to her forever family when she is adopted. View Oakley’s Photo Album

Living it up in style! What a story- Carolyn Francis, the foster mom was driving to Greenville, NC to go to a swimming banquet at her daughter’s college. She agreed to foster this bunch. The people in Alabama set up a transport and met her in Greenville Sat evening. She was supposed to drive home all in one day on Sunday but the roads were so bad she needed to stay over Sunday night, 6 hotels turned her down because of the mom + pups. The Hilton let her in. (read Carolyn’s note to Hilton Hotels)

Carolyn writes- the boy is the darker brown and white puppy furthest from Mom….  They are big pups….and so, so precious.  Mom-who will soon have a name, is just absolutely incredible in every way..such a sweetheart and such an awesome mom. Thank you so very much for coordinating their rescue.  I sent an email and pics to Hilton and talked with their customer service reps-stressing our situation, and gratitude.

Thank you Hilton Hotels!

For now, we called her Hilton. View their photo album

Kettle- This pretty lady is quiet, gentle and loves hugs and kisses. She enjoys the company of other dogs, walks well on a leash and is eager to please. Kettle came from a high-kill shelter in the south where she was on the list to be put to sleep. She had early stage heartworms, which we have treated. Kettle would like a nice, quiet environment for the next 30 days while she recovers. If you would like to give this wonderful lady a warm, comfortable loving home, please fill out an adoption application. View Kettle’s Photo Albu

Sigh….. Sugar is still in Florida waiting for her forever family to find her. She is such a sweet girl and would make a great addition to any family. We just know there’s someone out there with room in their heart for this girl. In the meanwhile, the ABR volunteers are sending a special dedication to Sugar to keep her spirits up. Louise- can you crank up the volume for her?