Rescue Recap- w/e 02/13/11

Posted: February 13th, 2011

Greetings everyone!

It’s been a relatively uneventful week, thank goodness. We’re still waiting to hear from Petfinder to get our data feed of the adoptables all cleaned.up. Hopefully we’ll get that taken care of this coming week. As a reminder, instead of listing just a few of the dogs in our care, we now have all of our adoptables listed on one page here on the site.

We want to thank Tara Eisenhard for having a skating party to benefit ABR. It was a huge success and we’re so appreciative! We’d also like to thank Stan Damewood for starting a birthday wish to benefit ABR on Causes. Please check out his wish page.

We’re still working on updating all of the bios for the dogs. We’d like to thank Susan, Scott & Romy, and Kelley for helping us with this.

Lastly, we’re getting some interest in ABR Designs for which we are absolutely thrilled. If you know of anyone who is in need of Graphic and/or Web Design services, we would appreciate you helping to spread the word.

We’re so thankful for each and everyone of you. Happy Valentine’s Day and have a great week!

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Hey, it’s me Hugo! I’m finally out of the shelter and currently at Jodi’s home in PA. More to come on me!

Hugo’s photo album

Canolli really needs to go to a home. She has been boarded for more than three months. They are wonderful to her at the kennel, but the cost ($10/day) is preventing us from having the money to save other dogs. Canolli was at the end of her rope when we pulled her from the shelter, skin and bones, loaded with tape worms, round worms, heart worms, fleas and over 20 ticks. After two heartworm treatments, she is now a healthy, happy girl who is gentle and just wants to be loved. Canolli does need to be the only dog in the family and isn’t suitable for dog parks etc. She is in MD. Won’t you please consider opening your home to her?

Canolli’s photo album

Canolli’s Petfinder link


New Arrivals:

Hello, my name is Gremlin! I’m currently in PA. Here’s what the shelter wrote about me:

“Poor Gremlin was brought into the shelter by the police, along with his canine friend (a pit mix) because their owner was arrested. Poor Gremlin looks like he’s led a rough life- he is filthy dirty, and has pressure sores on his legs. He also has a couple of growths on his back legs and on his scrotum. He’s got the best face and will be so gorgeous when he gets a bath and some TLC.”

ABR will have me fixed up in no time.

Gremlin’s photo album

From his surrenderers:  We call him Bulldozer,  Dozer for short. He has stolen our hearts so we want to do right by him since he is so new to the world and in his 3 months of life it hasn’t been easy for him. Reason for surrendering is well someone I knew couldn’t take care of him so I said I would try and find him a good home. I have had him for about 5 days and he is such a sweetie pie. I would love to keep him I really would but I already have several animals. I know that he is going to need a special home because he is completely deaf, which might by another reason he tugs at the heart strings.

Dozer made his way to NC this weekend where his foster mom, Melissa, will be teaching him sign language.

Dozer’s photo album

Update from Carey: Dozer arrived in NC this morning. He is having a blast playing with Mojito and Melissa’s other dogs.

Hey guys! My name is John Smith….. well for now anyway. My humans dropped me off at the shelter because they are moving. ABR doesn’t know too much about me just yet but they’ll write more soon. I’m currently in MD.

John Smith’s photo album


Hello everyone, my name is Husselbee. As you can see, I’m somewhat of a mess right now but ABR is working on getting me all taken care of. I was pulled from a shelter in MD. Stay tuned for more information on me.

Husselbee’s photo album



 In Memorium:

February 11, 2011

From his mom- “To say that we are devastated is an understatement. He was hands down the best dog we ever had in every way. Although we only had 7 months with him we will remember him for a lifetime.”

We at ABR are simply devastated to hear about the loss of Moses. He was part of the dynamic duo of ‘Moses and Jenny’ in which he was Jenny’s ears to the world.

Moses & Jenny’s photo album  

Happy Tails:

Hey everyone! It’s Lewis here. They just posted me as a new arrival last week and I’ve already been adopted. Yeah!!!

This is a picture of me snoozing next to my new little human on the way to my new home.

Lewis’ photo album

It’s me, Isabella (also affectionately known as Beluga, Bella, Bella bug, & Bugaboo) and I’ve been adopted! This is a picture of me giving my new BFF, Rocky, a smooch 🙂

Isabella’s photo album

ps- here’s my original photo album with pictures of me and my brother Freddie Tim.

And just for fun……

Mojito waiting for his dinner! He’s turning into a BIG boy at almost 4 1/2 pounds!!!!