Rescue Recap- w/e 02/07/10

Posted: February 6th, 2010

We hope everyone had a great week! Here’s a sampling of some of our adoptables and some other miscellaneous stuff. Be sure to check out our other adoptables too (link at the top). There are so many really great dogs just waiting for their forever humans. We also have quite a few dogs that are undergoing heartworm treatment or need treatment, as well as, surgeries and a host of other medical issues. Don’t forget that ABR relies solely on donations to do what we do and we’re always in need. We also wanted to mention that we received lots of notes from our readers this past week. Please feel free to contact us at the Site Feedback link at the bottom right. We love hearing from you and are forever thankful for your support!

Poor Sugar STILL needs a forever home!!!!!! We wrote about her in our 01/24/10 recap and originally here where you can see that she came to ABR from a horrible situation and was nothing but skin and bones. She’s been living at Sunkiva Kennels for quite sometime with Louise and while Sugar just LOVES Louise, you can see it in her eyes that she needs a forever family to call her own. She’s had a horrible past and truly deserves a second chance. Won’t you please consider  giving her that chance? View Sugar’s Photo Album.
We introduced you to Purdy last week. Here is her write up- Purdy is one of the loveliest girls we have ever met. She is happy all the time and talks to you to tell you she loves you, to tell you that she wants to play and that she needs to go outside. She doesn’t bark but mumbles and grumbles. She loves other dogs big and small. Purdy looks like she is all Boxer with a tail. She is in a foster home with a chihuahua and they are great together even though the chihuahua is not all that much fun. Purdy brings him a rope toy and he just walks away. Purdy would looooove a brother when she finally finds her forever home. Purdy’s Photo Album
Also from last week…. Zooey. Here is what her new foster mom, Amy, wrote about her- She is the cutest thing!  So sweet, giving kisses and wants to sit on your lap and snuggle.  Playful and smart, but eager to please and quick to learn!! She’s so smart one eh eh from me and she stops whatever she’s doing and comes back over.  When I fed her, i took the bowl away and stuck my hands in the food while she was eating, touched her face, ears and body and she had no problem at all.  Her and Dozer have been playing all night, but right now she is sacked out on Dozer’s dog bed:) At this point, they both sit and wait until the door is open to run outside and I have only had her for 3 hours! She is truly wonderful!! I’m only sad that she will probably get adopted soon and we won’t get to spend a lot of time with her! Zooey’s Photo Album
Meet Rocco! This gentle four year old was turned in to a high kill shelter when his family decided they wanted a smaller dog and bought a puppy for Christmas. Rocco knows basic commands, is well behaved, loves car rides and greets everyone with wag of his tail. Rocco’s Photo Album
Sumo is a great dog and makes friends wherever he goes. All the more impressive considering the rough life he’s had up until recently. The vet thinks he’s about 7 or 8 years old and from what we know Sumo’s spent most of his life chained to a dog box in the Shenandoah Valley in VA. Two years ago the dog officer brought him to the local shelter and charged his owner. Sumo was malnourished, had hair loss, the chain was growing into his neck. Unfortunately, the judge gave him back to his owner and Sumo spent another two years in those conditions. In November, he was brought back to the shelter where they spent two months nursing him back to health. Now he’s in a foster home and waiting for his forever home. Despite his experiences, Sumo is affectionate, follows you around, does his business outside, appreciates attention, and is curious about everything. He’s great in the car, loves to go for walks, is calm and quiet in his crate and sleeps soundly through the night. Sumo is still coming out of his shell and he’s pretty quiet, not a barker. Can you open your heart and home to this special dog? Sumo’s Photo Album
Jingles sleeps and snuggles with the four cats in her foster home. She is perfectly housebroken and behaves like a proper southern belle. She also knows how to sit for treats and food. Jingles walks well on a leash, doesn’t mind taking a bath and having her nails trimmed and enjoys playing with male dogs. Jingles is comfortable and gentle around the 8 year old child in her foster home. She was skin and bones when we saved her from certain death in a high-kill shelter. Jingles is in a foster home in PA. If you would like to meet her, please fill out our adoption application. Jingles’ Photo Album

Remember Nellie? Formerly Momma & Babies, we wrote about this very smart girl on 11/29/09, 12/06/09, 12/20/09 and 12/27/09. Here is her write up- She loves car rides and will sit nicely in the passengers seat just like a person and smile at everyone that goes by. She loves to sit next to you and watch you read or write a letter, that’s why she’s nick-named NOSY ROSY. Yesterday she was so interested in my book that I decided to read it out loud and she promptly fell asleep. How cute is that. She came to us from Georgia with 4 of her babies. The kids have been adopted and she is a happy free-spirit who loves hanging out with her “adult” friends. She is absolutely wonderful and loves to play with other dogs and is very respectful of their space. She is a submissive girl with great house manners. She knows sit and gives her paw, and she is housebroken. Nel is attentive and is always eager to hear what you have to say! NEL is a cuddle baby who enjoys nothing better then to lay her head in your lap and spend some special time with her person. She is calm when she is in the house and not outside playing with her doggy friends. She is truly a very special dog who deserves a wonderful family and gets along with dogs, cats and kids.

We are simply amazed that she still needs a forever home!! Nellie’s Photo Album

Also from last week, our 3 Demodex babies from Miami. We had included them in our “Name that Dog” page but as it turns out, the shelter had already given them names. Not to worry, we’re going to hang onto all of those wonderful suggestions and as you can well imagine, we’ll have plenty of opportunity to use them in the future. The little girl is named April (she’s on the left in the photo). The little boy to the right of April is named Cupid. The other little golden boy is named Mr. Valentine. All three are currently at the vet’s office getting treated for their mange. Here’s a note from Jeri who helped to get them to where they needed to go-  Not quite sure who did most of the pooing but they all stepped in it! HAHAHA!  Anyway, they are lucky they are cute and sweet because I couldn’t even get mad at them.  Really, these are some great dogs…personality plus…even little April with the underbite warms up and is a little lovebug.  The boys are just instant goofballs…Mr. Valentine is going to be gorgeous…he has a really cool pattern in his coat. The Pups’ Photo Album



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Thank you so much to Laura B. for your incredibly generous  donation!!!!!

Another BIG thank you to Barbara Scintos, Mary/Gracie Fox, Min E Bear,Samuler, Neal and Susan, & Debby/Rich Cornacchia for always coming to our rescue when we’re in financial dire straits (….which is pretty much all the time).
We’d also like to thank Marcy at Florida Animal Lawyer for her guidance this week. Very much appreciated!!!!!


Other Stuff:

Nathan wrote to us this week about CCL tears and subsequent surgeries:

My dog Patton has his first surgery Tuesday Feb.9,2010.  I created a blog to document the process and I’ll be posting photos and video.  I am also using the site to collect information on the injury to help others.  the URL is below.  So far there isn’t much, but Patton’s progress will be posted under “Patton’s Story” Here’s the link to his blog-

Thanks for sharing Nathan! We wish Patton all the best with his surgery and appreciate what you’re doing with your blog.



 Happy Birthday Mark Pincus!