Rescue Recap- w/e 02/06/11

Posted: February 6th, 2011

 Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!

(we know, we’re a little early)

We’re changing up the way we do the website. On a weekly basis we’ll be posting the New Arrivals, Happy Tails, ChipIns, Updates on particular dogs with special needs and urgent situations.

Our ‘Still Waiting’ section will be replaced with a listing of all of our dogs. For now, we’ve added a page for our adoptables that has a scrolling box for each of our locations (with a very annoying Petfinder search box at the top and bottom of each we might add). This is temporary. We’re working on a new data feed from Petfinder that will show each dog with a picture and a portion of their bio and you can click on the dogs photo for more information. 

There’s a couple of reasons why we’re doing this. Firstly, we currently have 71 dogs in our care right now and we felt that by listing just a few of them on the website, the dogs not listed aren’t getting the exposure that they truly deserve. Secondly, our volunteers are already stretched very thin. It is incredibly time consuming to update Petfinder and provide updates for the website on a weekly basis. The Petfinder data feed will allow everyone to see ALL of the dogs in our care, including courtesy posts. Please bear with us while we make these changes.

Thank you everyone for your continued support. Have a great week!

Still waiting:

Please see our adoptables page


Current ChipIns- We could really use some help!


Donations this week- Thank you!!!!

Jennifer L. Gallagher

Danielle Kitchenmann
(for Goliath)
Kelly Gargiulo

Susan Brawner

Barbara Anne

Susan Parent

Tom Pekar

Lisa Slovenz
(for Wiggles)
Kay Bynum-Brennan Beth French Kosar    


Spot is finally out of boarding and into his new foster home. His foster mom wrote that he hasn’t stopped wagging his tail since he got there. Spot is in PA. We’ve added some new photos to his album.

Spot’s photo album

Spot’s Petfinder link

Canolli really needs to go to a home. She has been boarded for more than three months. They are wonderful to her at the kennel, but the cost ($10/day) is preventing us from having the money to save other dogs. Canolli was at the end of her rope when we pulled her from the shelter, skin and bones, loaded with tape worms, round worms, heart worms, fleas and over 20 ticks. After two heartworm treatments, she is now a healthy, happy girl who is gentle and just wants to be loved. Canolli does need to be the only dog in the family and isn’t suitable for dog parks etc. She is in MD. Won’t you please consider opening your home to her?

Canolli’s photo album

Canolli’s Petfinder link

Pretty Lady (affectionately known as Lady Bug) is finally out of quarantine/boarding and is now hanging out at Jodi’s while she waits for her forever home. She is currently in PA.

Lady’s photo album

Lady’s Petfinder link


New Arrivals:

Hi friends! I’m Lewis. I’m super happy – watch my tail go! I’m still a puppy (about 6 mos) and I definitely have a lot of puppy energy. I love toys, but I’d rather be giving you kisses! I’m good in the car and I know how to sit and will give a paw for a treat. I can’t wait to meet you and give you kisses! Here’s some more about me from the rescue lady…Sweet Lewis was turned into a shelter after being bounced from home to home. He is not even a year old… He was pulled from the shelter by a kind volunteer and has made his way to Maryland. Lewis is very friendly, smart, and a quick learner. He is good with other dogs. This sweet boy deserves a forever home!

Lewis’ Petfinder link

Hello, my name is Hugo! ABR doesn’t know too terribly much about me just yet other than the fact that I LOVE belly rubs!!! I’m currently in PA and they’ll write more about me soon.

Hugo’s photo album


Happy Tails:

Yes, it’s our Valentine boy Brutus. He’s been adopted!

Olive’s pups- 4 of 6

Cleo here! I’ve been adopted.

Cleo’s photo album