Rescue Recap- w/e 01/31/2010

Posted: January 30th, 2010

LOTS going on this week!!!! (as usual). We’d like to welcome two new foster moms, Aireal & Amy, to the ABR team!

As you will see, the list is long this week and it’s only a partial list at that. We have LOTS of medical, boarding, transport and now training costs to cover and any help would be most appreciated.  

Yeah! Bootsie has a forever home and we’re waiting on the Happy Tail story for her. We wrote about Bootsie on January 4th pleading for a home for her as she had been in boarding for over 4 months (waaaaay too long).

Stinky1 & Stinky2- Update (01/31/10 @ 10:10 a.m.)- The boys are in the air and on their way to Jodi’s!!!!! ……. (01/31/10 @ 4:20 p.m.) They have arrived in PA and Jodi says they are the CUTEST things on the planet. It was a 3-part flight and we would like to give a HUGE thanks to the pilots- Rick Hunt, Brad Childs, & Mike Grimm from Animal Rescue Flights. As we understand it, it is Brad’s birthday and he had a professional photographer on the flight with him so we are hoping to have some amazing photos. Woohoo!

01/31/10 @ 5:23- check out their photo album. We’re adding pictures of the trip.

Look at those adorable ears!!!!

View their photo album

This stunning boy, with the most exquisite blue eyes you’ve ever seen, was pulled from a shelter in Florida this week. We’re working on the perfect name for him and will update with his write up as soon as it’s completed.

Blue Eyes’ Photo Album

Update on Cindarella, affectionately known as Cinda- We posted Cinda in our rescue recap for 01/17/10. Jodi writes: She is eating like a mad woman. She is always hungry and spunky which is great but so, so skinny and drinking a ton.

Cinda has a Dr.’s appointment next week to do more blood work and assess her weight situation. Hopefully it will be good news.

Cinda’s Photo Album

Purdy is a 6 yr old female Boxer mix that was found as a stray. She came to us from a shelter in NY. We’ll post her write up as soon as it’s finished.

Purdy’s Photo Album

Zooey is coming to ABR from a shelter in Georgia. She is being transported to PA where she will stay in a loving foster home. We don’t know much about Zooey other than she’s recently been a mom. We’ll update Zooey’s information once she arrives safely at her foster mom’s house.

Zooey’s Photo Album

Meet Dimples! He was rescued by ABR on Friday. As you can see from the photo, he’s been living his life in Long Island on this disgusting, horrible chain. Dimples is 7 years old. He is currently at the vet’s office being checked out and will go to his foster home next week. We’ll add more photos as soon as we can.

This pitiful little soul is one of three puppies pulled from the Miami-Dade shelter this week. All three have demodex mange and are currently at the vet’s office getting checked out. We are working on foster arrangements for them and will update as soon as we know more. Just so sad….. but hopefully they’ll be nursed back to health in no time and ready for their forever homes!

View the 3 pups photo album

Mack is yet another sad case from Miami. His owner, who stated he’d had Mack his whole 4 years of life, dragged him into the county kill shelter in a cage because Mack was too scared to walk. The owner completed the paperwork (most don’t) and indicated that Mack had lived with kids, cats and other dogs and was good with all. And while his owner left him, he was put in a concrete run to await euthanasia, because he was far too shy to make adoptions. At 137 lbs, word spread about Mack and the rescue division gave an urgent call to one of the AB volunteers. When she got there, Mack had his tail permanently between his legs and would just look toward the ground. It was very pitiful to think about how terrified this boy was and also ironic because as scared as he was of everyone, they were nervous of him, because he’s the size of a small pony! To help Mack gain some much needed confidence, he has gone to a trainer in Broward County, FL to learn to be a happy, well balanced dog (any donations toward training would be greatly appreciated!). He is one of the most submissive dogs and has integrated into the trainer’s pack very well (with dogs both large and small). He wagged his tail for the first time yesterday and the look of peace on his face is astounding- he’s smiling! Mack walks perfectly on lead and is nicknamed “gentle giant”. The trainer is working to expose him to any and all situations that might make Mack shy, and then teach him how to cope. To see a 137 lb dog proudly jogging down the street with a handler on roller blades is quite the sight! The progress he has made in just a couple days is amazing and Mack is going to be ready for a new home! If you are interested in Mack, please put in an application and a volunteer will contact you soon.  Mack sends his “tail wags” of happiness!

Mack’s Photo Album

We received heartbreaking news this week about our blind girl Queen Annie. Pablo and Val wrote: Val took the girls to the vet this afternoon for shots, a follow-up for Oakley and a full checkup for Queen Annie. Annie received a sad report as she is terminally ill. Val asked Dr Prince to look at the many lesions on Annie’s belly and sides, the longest 4″+ and thick.  Annie likely has Mastocytoma or Mast Cell cancer (though biopsy would confirm 100%).  Longer than 4 cm apparently makes it a Stage III or more meaning Annie has perhaps a 10% chance to live through the year. Dr. Prince asked “Does Annie really need to travel?”  We also wonder if Annie needs to learn a different home and then another at this point in her life. So, Val and I are offering to love and provide for Annie for her remaining life.  Annie enjoys her room here, with bed and pillow throne she arranged, and will live a relaxed life, being loved until that day she crosses over to the Rainbow Bridge. This news really hurts our hearts.

We are so very thankful for Pablo and Val, two of the nicest most loving people on the planet and we can’t think of a better family for Annie to live with for the remainder of her precious life.