Rescue Recap- w/e 01/24/10

Posted: January 24th, 2010


We wrote about Oakley last Monday (here). This is our little girl with the gunshot wound that was pulled from a shelter in GA. We’ve added some new pictures to her photo album. As you will see, the wound isn’t slowing her down one bit. Her temporary foster dad has nicknamed her “Oakie Dokie” and writes- What a girl this Oakie Dokie is!  You know Oakley has been shot, that she came very sick with much infection and all worms, that she is HW+ (treatment once she gets stronger), that she has some nerve damage and that she is emaciated.  What you don’t know is that Oakie Dokie loves to play ball and retrieves, runs like the wind, is the best bath dog I’ve ever had (well, tied with Queen Annie!) and is a true love, a sweet and very smart dog that stays close, is always smiling and we adore her. The inmates at the shelter really bonded with her and taught her to play and retrieve … and to love.  🙂 
We also wrote about Queen Annie last Monday, our blind girl, that was pulled from the same shelter as Oakley was. Her elderly owner is on his death bed and an out-of-town son dropped her off at the shelter “to clean up loose ends.” Annie’s photo album is here. Annie’s temporary foster dad Pablo, who has nicknamed her “Banannie” writes-

Attached please find some Annie pics.  Took a rawhide and squirted string cheese inside the crevices and Queen Annie was happy.  :-)~ Annie is low energy, low maintenance, sleeps much and prefers not to be around other dogs (she growls upon smelling them, not surprising for a blind dog and other stranger dogs).  Annie does give good loving and likes to be included so she has much to give to a loving family. Won’t you please consider giving Queen Annie a forever home?
And our 3rd of the Three Musketeers that came from the shelter in GA last week, is an abuse case (starvation). The little girl didn’t have a name when she was pulled and we asked our fund raising team in Illinois (Debby’s students at S.E. Gross Middle School) to come up with the perfect name for her. And the votes are in- Her name is- Eva (pronounced Ava) meaning “life”. Great job team!!!! We think the name is just beautiful. Eva needs a forever home! Her photo album is here.
We first wrote about Sugar here. She is currently staying with Louise at Sun-Kiva Kennels and coming along nicely. Louise writes us this (01/18/10): Tonight WAS the first night I actually got a kiss from her…. she has come far…. Sugar didn’t have the luxury of coming from a home, she came from a backyard where she spent years being a baby factory. When she was no longer considered “valuable”, she was left to fend for herself out in the yard with younger, stronger dogs.  If she ate, she was lucky. Most times she was not.  When Sugar was finally liberated from her horrible life, she was almost only half her body weight.  She didn’t know her name, didn’t know what a kind stroke of a hand was, was distant.  She is now in a place where she is getting fed regularly and gaining weight. She has a wag in her tail and loves attention and seeks it out, even giving soft licks.  She has discovered that she much prefers living inside.  She loves to follow your lead and go where you go. She will make a wonderful companion to whomever adopts her. Sugar really needs a forever home and a loving family. The poor girl is just learning that all humans aren’t bad. Please consider giving this downtrodden little soul a chance. Sugar’s photo album is here.
Sue Ann was included in our rescue recap for the week ending 01/10/10. She was left in the overnight cage at a MD shelter- skinny and infested with worms. She’s doing great! Here’s a note from her foster mom and dad (Tim & Emily):
Hi Jodi, Emily and I wanted to send you some pictures of the most beautiful foster bully we are caring for! She is doing really well with our 2 bullies and loves to eat!! She is loveable, sweet and kind, so i am sure that she will easily find a forever home. Sue Ann’s photo album is here.
Hi! My name’s Louie and I was rescued JUST in time from Miami Dade Animal Services. I was on my last day! I was so scared that I would just lay down and close my eyes. Can you imagine, no one wanted me because I was missing a little hair, temporarily. See, I have what’s called demodex. It’s a non contagious (to both people and other animals) skin mite and it is treated with a bi-monthly application of promeris between my shoulder blades. In a short time I will look good as new! I heard my foster saying that I come with everything, including very sweet kisses. You see, I’m kind of the quiet guy. I’m very sweet and gentle and definitely submissive. The vet thinks I’m between 6-10 months and I will more than likely be a smaller bulldog (no 120 lbs here!). I walk well on the leash and do all my pottying outside. I really want to find my forever family. I get along well with my foster sister CC (she also needs a home!) and we love sleeping together at night. Please put in an application! I promise to be a good boy!
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I live in Miami FL…Hey! I’m CC and I REALLLY love to play! I used to play alot, but then my owners dumped my at a very high kill shelter…I don’t understand! It was a scary and very cold couple of days and I started to get really sad. Someone met me and told me they were going to take me home! I had my spay surgery and waited in recovery…but they never came for me =( Some nice people at the shelter called one of the volunteers with AB rescue to see if they could save my life and here I am! I’m a good girl that doesn’t have a mean bone in my body….just very big ones! I’m only 5 months old and already 67 lbs! I keep telling my foster brother Louie that he needs to grow so we can play better! Right now, I like to stand over him and play and he lays on the ground, rolls over, and is the “ankle biter”. We play chase and run circles around the yard and then sit down for a meal together. We really love each other but we’re ready for our forever homes! I’m working on my potty training- I do very well but sometimes, when I’m having alot of fun- I forget I need to go and have an oopsie. I’m working on leash walking too but I’m not perfect…yet! When I walk on the leash, I try to stay focused but there is just so many fun things around and I get easily distracted! I’m still a baby. We went to the vet last week to get a check up and it turns out I have a small birth defect. Dr. said it happens once in a while but my bottom jaw is quite smaller than my top one. It’s hard to see because I have big squishy lips but it doesn’t bother me any! I have tons of personality and I want to share it with YOU! I promise to fill your days with laughs! Please put in an application for me!
Hope we can play soon!
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In Memoriam:

Our Deepest Sympathy to the Keller family for their loss of Shiver.
Our Deepest Sympathy to Jennie Hura for her loss of Payton