Rescue Recap- w/e 01/10/10

Posted: January 9th, 2010

We’re not sure where to even start this week. Let’s just say that it’s a horrible time to be a homeless dog or a rescue group. Jodi, who has been doing this since 1999, says she has never seen anything like it. There are just so many dogs and there is simply no where to put them even if we did have the money for them all. The shelters are full, boarding kennels are full, there’s not enough foster homes and the emails for owner surrenders and requests for help from shelters are relentless. And, the donations are almost non-existent.

We’ve listed below, some of the highlights from the past week but there just isn’t enough front page space to write about each of them.

We are getting 4 more tomorrow (2 from GA and 2 from SC). Two of these dogs are heartworm positive and their treatment will be expensive. We have several in boarding now (at $10.00/day for each) and we have holds on several at shelters to keep them from being euthanized. Hopefully we will get pictures of the ones that are being transported tomorrow and we’ll post them.

The cold weather isn’t helping the horrible situation. Regardless of what you read about protecting your pets in cold weather, the fact is, if it’s too cold for you to be sleeping outside, it’s too cold for your pets to be sleeping outside. Please bring them inside! 

Also, be mindful….. shelters and rescues are at capacity with animals that are cold and hungry. Call your local shelter/rescue group and see if they need blankets for the babies- take them old towels or blankets. Everything is appreciated and needed. If you have neighbors that have outdoor dogs, see if you can offer blankets. 

On that note, we have a story that we want to partially share with you now. (Kleenex Alert). We received a call yesterday about a situation in which there are 2 AB puppies in need. Their mom froze to death. Yes, you read it right. Honestly, we really have no words to describe the shock of this travesty. The puppies should weigh about 25-30 pounds and the 2 boys, weigh 6-8 lbs. If there is a silver lining, it’s that the 2 puppies survived. We just got off the phone with Pam, who rescued them. Their names, for now, are Stinky 1 and Stinky 2. They had a waterless bath tonight and are getting some much needed warmth, food, and love. We’re hoping to have pictures tomorrow….. they truly are miracle babies. In Memoriam- May Mom find peace over the Rainbow Bridge. 

Please bring your pets inside…. it’s cold.


Our Florida Emergency Situation- The 4 puppies and 3 of the female adults are all safe. Sugar and Beba are in ABRs care. We are still trying to find a Pitbull Rescue Group to help with Brownie and Diamond. There are still 2 males and 1 female there that we are working to get. ABR would like to give a big Thank You to B.A.A.C. (Bikers Against Animal Cruelty) for paying half of the bills for these dogs.

01/12/10- Herbie has been adopted!

Herbie was posted for sale to the highest bidder on a classified ads website. ABR is fully aware of what happens to many of the dogs that are purchased on this particular site (bait dogs and worse) so we bought Herbie to ensure he finds a safe and happy forever home. Herbie’s foster mom writes- “What a total love bug!! He kept his crate clean all night. Great with the kids and loves to play with Raven in the snow!Just look at this face. I was lucky he stopped for this photo.”

More photos of Herbie are here.

We have posted a link in our “Links” section to read an article about the fate of some dogs (and cats) listed on classified sites. Here’s a direct link.

Cindarella, “Cinda”- Jodi named her Cindarella (sp is intentional) because she says she will be so beautiful when she gets some “meat on her bones”. She is a walking skeleton right now. Cinda was a stray and is currently staying at Jodi’s.

More photos of Cinda are here.

Sue Ann (Isn’t she beautiful?) is joining ABR from a shelter in MD where someone left her in their overnight cage. She was very skinny when she was dropped off and infested with worms. She’s put on some weight since and of course, been treated for her medical needs. She will be going to her foster mom’s home tomorrow. We’ll post more photos soon.