Rescue Recap- w/e 01/03/10

Posted: January 3rd, 2010
“Sugar & Beba”- Please see the story we just posted about the Emergency Situation we have right now in Florida. Warning: the email included and the photos are very disturbing. The story is here. We are requesting donations to help to pay for their boarding and medical costs.
We wrote about Baby Bella last week. She was supposed to go to Carey’s but we had a slight change of plans as we had a more urgent situation to arise (see Ruby below). Bella will be staying on, for a while, with Louise at Sun-Kiva Kennels. Not to worry, Bella is in Doggy Disneyland there and having the time of her life. You can read more about Bella by clicking on “View Our Adoptables” link above- she’s in Florida.
Ruby is an owner surrender and will be staying with her foster mom, Carey, until she finds her forever home. Carey writes that she is an absolute LOVE and that Carey has broken all of her rules….. Ruby is sleeping on the couch and sleeping in the bed with Carey.  More photos of Ruby are here. Ruby needs a forever home. Her write up can be found by clicking on the “View Our Adoptables” link above- She is in FL.

Missy, the 10 yr old American Bulldog that was surrendered 4 days before Christmas,  is out of the Shelter. She’s “under the weather” right now and too sick to be transported. She is staying at someone’s home while she gets better and then she will be moving to her foster home next week. Here is what we wrote about Missy last week. If you would like to give this girl a second chance, please complete an Adoption Application.

ABR would like to give a Big Thank You to Margo from Citivilla Properties for the very generous donation to help with the costs for Missy.

  Here’s a note from Tonni on the Winnipeg Beauties- Sorry for missing a couple of days -the boys are doing well! I have called the kennel each day from Toronto to check on them – they are now in separate runs – next door to each other. They are together in the exercise area once to twice a day for 1/2 hour at a time.  Bentley is getting drops in his left ear 2 x daily – he is due to have it cleaned out on Tuesday again – so I will be back  to do it for him. The handlers now admit they are much easier to handle separately – Bentley being the easiest. Apparently they are getting lots of attention from the general workers because they are so funny and cute!  They are not barking too much except when another dog passes or people come up to them – so they are okay with their throats – per workers. I have advertised on usedwinnipeg and kijiji for used kennels – with the adjusted size – lots of hits but not responses yet.  I will go to/ call other shelters and second hand pet supply stores when I get back – also need to determine exactly what paperwork needs to be done for the flight – will call fellow Mark? if I remember right – when I get back. I will also arrange for dogs health certificates per whatever regulations after I get back. Wow – so wonderful that there is a happy ending pending! (Their flight to NY is scheduled for 01/12/09)
Magoo has a new forever home! Magoo is our 10yr old deaf guy that made his journey from FL to PA. You can read his story here. We don’t have the write up yet for his Happy Tail story but we’ve added some new photos of him at his forever home. Magoo also has a new sister who is also deaf. What a perfect ending for the big guy. We couldn’t be happier.


In Memoriam:

Our deepest sympathy to the Barbakoff Family for their loss of Finster.

Our deepest sympathy to Mike and Mary for their loss of Buddy.


ABR is deeply saddened with this news. Buddy was a favorite to all of us. His Happy Tail page and photo album was one of the first few to be added to our website. His photos gave us, and thousands of others, countless hours of smiles. He will be deeply missed.