Rescue Recap- w/e 01/02/11

Posted: December 31st, 2010

Our volunteers, supporters, fosters and adopters are the main reason we are able to do what we do. Without a wonderful team of caring people, which includes each and every one of you, working together to save these beautiful dogs, we have nothing. So it is with humble gratitude and ongoing admiration that we say ‘Thank you’ for the support we have received this year.

Sadly, the incoming dogs are at an all time high and we need your help more than ever.

With the addition of Facebook this year, we have gotten our word out to many more people who have embraced us and our cause and continue to help us as they can. And many of you, have helped to spread the word about our cause.

We ask for your continued help and support, in this endeavor so near and dear to all our hearts, as we enter into the New Year. We simply cannot do it alone.

May you be blessed with love, happiness and health in the New Year. It is that wish that we have for all of our dogs, too. Thank you for all that you’ve done to help us this year!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!


Still waiting:

Hi! My name is Jackson and I am a sweet boy from the Deep South! I can’t hear you but that does not stop me from giving out the hugs and kisses. I am getting used to the simple things in life like a warm bed, regular food, and people who care about me and boy is life good!  I love going on walks and do very good on a leash. I am the favorite at the bus stop in the mornings (all the kids love me and I love them) and like saying hi to all the dogs in the ‘hood. I am housebroken, quiet and when my foster leaves I curl up in a little ball until someone comes home to wake me. I am still not sure about things like doorways and ceilings (I spent a lot of time on my own outside) but I am such a good sport about them.  I love to be snuggled and will happily give out a kiss to whoever wants one.  Check out my pics! I’m in MD.

Jackson’s photo album

ps- Poor guy was 25 lbs. under weight, had hook worms, round worms, Lymes, Heartworms, ear infection and is deaf. We now fixed all that we can and he is a love! Housebroken, cuddley, walks great on a leash and loves car rides.

HI! I’m Piper and trust me, I am as cute in real life as I look in these pictures. I am super happy, fun, love my tennis balls & rides in the truck, and most of all I love my people and my doggie buddies. Cuddling up is my favorite past time. I play nice with kids and other big dogs but, not so good with cats (they’re really fun to chase though). My foster family said my obedience is coming along nicely and I am working hard at being a good girl. I guess I won’t get away with my good looks all my life so I better shape it up. It’s kind of hard since I have had such a rough time so far. I know sit, wait, and come and we are working hard on my kennel training. I am still a bit of a work in progress but I am soooo worth it, after all I’m still a puppy. I’m very thankful for lots of love, good food, and tons of belly rubs and even though I’m tan and white, I promise you I am true blue! I’m currently in FL.

ps- they added some new pictures of me this week!

Piper’s photo album

Love.  One of the most powerful words in the English language.  Love has the ability to change all things, to offer hope where there has been none.  Sweet Jayden is looking for that kind of love.
Jayden came to rescue bearing the scars of being neglected and crated far too long every day.  While in foster care Jayden has learned what it means to be a loved member of a family.   Because Jayden was so neglected in her past, she needs a family that is home more often than not as Jayden loves the company of people. Jayden’s dream home would have a stay-at-home parent, a parent who works from home, or is retired. Someone who works only a few hours outside the home might also be a possibility. Jayden is currently in PA.

Jayden is thoroughly enjoying the foster Dane that she’s with now. We would love to see the two of them adopted together. 

Jayden’s photo album 


Bullet is a quiet, gentle one year old who is looking for a family where he can enjoy a low level of activity while he recovers from heartworm treatment.. Bullet is great in the car and good on a leash. He loves to give kisses and have his ears rubbed! His tail is always wagging! Bullet is currently in MD.

Bullet’s photo album

Twinkle, Chully Pepper’s mom, is our little star. She is just a LOVER!! She loves to hop up onto your lap and give LOTS of kisses!! Definitely house trained. NO accidents in the house! She loves to run and play outside. Twinkles is still working on some basic commands like sit but is crate trained and even goes in there all by herself. She’s a GREAT dog! Ready to go to her furever home!! Twinkle is in FL.

12/19/10- Her foster mom writes: I found another Twinkle-ism. If you scratch her just right at the base of her spine, she’ll reward you by nibbling on your nose!

Twinkle & Chully Pepper’s photo album

Check out Twinkle’s video on You Tube!

It’s me Darla! Here’s what my foster mom wrote about me:
This is an awesome firecracker of a little girl. Muscle bound and truly beautiful she just LOVES life and all it has to offer. 110% house broken and crate trained.  You just couldn’t ask for a better dog! She is one of the happiest and most loving fosters I have ever had.  She loves to cuddle and will literally dive into your arms making you crack up. We don’t know much about Darla’s past besides she was an obvious breeder used to excess then tossed aside when they where done with her. But she truly is a blessing to be had.  She is smart as a whip and has learned some wicked tricks like how to open doors and if sitting doesn’t get me a cookie, I will hug your waist looking up at you with big sweet eyes until you give in.  And if you look at me long enough (because I’m really quiet while I’m in my kennel) I sing.  You will laugh (music to my ears) and let me out for cuddles!!! All I can say is whoever is smart enough to adopt this baby is going to be one lucky son of a gun with years of laughter and love to fill their home!I wouldn’t really recommend cats (it is doable but slightly annoying) or kids under 5 (as she will happily knock them down and kiss them way too much lol. Darla is in FL.

Darla’s Photo Album

It’s me, Lydia! As you all know, I have been in boarding FOREVER it seems. Well, today things just got a whole lot better for me. I’m finally in a foster home. Yeah!!!!! My new foster mom is going to send some pictures of me this weekend. I’m currently in FL.

ps- that’s a picture of me getting all cleaned up before my new foster mom came to pick me up.

Lydia’s photo album

Lydia’s ChipIn to donate

It’s me, Roscoe! I was listed as an urgent courtesy post because my time was up at the shelter. Whew, that was close. I’m at a foster home now in MD. Here’s what my foster mom wrote about me:

He is sooooooooooo sweet! He was great on the long car ride and has enjoyed many walks around my property on his leash. He sits, gives you his paw, and will lay down on command! What a good boy!

Roscoe’s photo album

Are you looking for some fun in your life ? Well have we got the guy for you ! This is Angus. He is an almost 2 year old pittie boy who is full of good times. He is a big beautiful boy…weighing in at approximately 80 pounds. He is GREAT with every person that he meets even kids. However, he will not be placed with any very young children because he doesn’t know his own strength and may knock them over! Angus gets along with some medium to large size dogs but he doesn’t seem to like small dogs and he definitely doesn’t like kitty cats. We are looking for an experienced bully breed home where Angus can be an only dog so he can be the “King of the Castle ” and hog up all the attention . Angus knows most of his basic commands….sit,down,stay…and he is fully crate and house trained. Angus is currently in PA. View his photo album.

Mojo here and I’m doing awesome with my foster family.  I get along great with the old grumpy fat cat and my sister Pumkin Head.  My foster mommy just loves me and tells me how good I’m doing.  For a little puppy that had a really crummy life….I hit the jack pot with ABR and my wonderful foster family.  I like the picture with my halo on as I’m such an ANGEL but mommy had to put the Devil costume on me too.  I’m glad SHE thinks it’s funny.  Ha ha ha mommy. I’m living in Louisiana now
ps- Down here in our local New Orleans culture, it is believed that those born with two different color eyes are imparted with the spirit of wisdom and love. That’s why I’m called Mojo!

Mojo’s photo album

pps- be sure to check out my new picture of my foster family and me with Santa!


Hello, my name is Layla! I’m currently in MD. Here is a little more about me:

Layla is 2.5 years old, very well behaved, housebroken, knows sit, stay, come and lie down. She was taken to an animal shelter in Delaware when her family could no longer care for her. A volunteer at the shelter was so charmed by Layla that she drove several hundred miles to get her to our rescue. Layla did well on her temperament tests. She would prefer to be the only dog in the family and ignored the cats at the vet hospital.

Layla’s Photo Album

Goliath is a good boy who just had bad luck. He came from GA and if he had a family, they just didn’t take care of him. Skinny and Heartworm positive, he is now getting the care he needs. Goliath is good with other dogs and great in the car. He is loved by everyone who meets him because his southern charm shines. He could really use a family who will appreciate his charming personality.  He is in the beginning stages of his heartworm treatment and could use a foster family to help him through it. He is currently in PA.

Goliath’s photo album

Hello friends! It’s me Sumo. You’re probably thinking I was named after a sumo wrestler, but I’m really just an exceptionally good natured, low key and easy going guy. I really like going for walks and riding in the car, but I LOVE people and getting loved on! I make new friends wherever I go. I also like experiencing new things. See, I spent the first part of my life tied to my doghouse in the mountains of Virginia. Now I’m loving freedom and ready to go home with you so you can keep fueling my curiosity for learning and seeing new things! I’m crate trained and I rarely bark, but I would prefer a house where I can be the only dog so I can hog all of the attention (hey, I’ve got a lot of making up to do!)

Sumo has been in a foster home for what seems like forever. Won’t you please consider opening your heart and home to this beautiful boy? He is currently in MD. Sumo’s Photo Album

I’m such a nice guy! My skin is not as itchy and I’m actually starting to grow some hair. I hear it’s going to take a lot more time but they feed me lots of good stuff, I get a lot of baths and get stuck with needles twice a week to build my immune system. I really want everyone to love me. Yesterday I was outback with Jodi, she was doing something and 3 little chicks came up to see me. Maybe I was tired from my neuter but I really didn’t even care about those 3 little chicks. All I really care about is people looking at me and telling me I am doing better. I want to be touched by people all the time, it feels so so good. No one ever touched me before when my skin was real yucky.
pa- I’m in PA. That’s a new photo of me. I’m looking really pretty aren’t I?

Marlon’s photo album

Hello there, my name is Pinkie! I’m currently in PA. Here’s what my foster mom just wrote about me- 

Pinkie is such a joy to be around!!  We call her sneaky Pinky because she is so quiet- We don’t even know she is in the room until we turn around and see her big pretty eyes starring at us.  Her fur is really coming in now, she looks so good!  She loves her foster brother and playing/cuddling/bathing him.  She has such a nurturing spirit.  She likes to sit where ever you are and she sleeps in her crate.  She will wait patiently for us to wake up before letting her out.  She does not chew on anything that is not hers. She listens very well and will make an exceptional pet for someone!!!

Pinkie’s photo album

Merle here! Well, I just finished my last heartworm treatment so I’m ready for my new furever home. I’m in PA. Here’s my new writeup from my foster mom:

Merle is such a NICE boy who loves people.  A little ear rubbing and a belly rub and he’ll be snoring at your feet in no time.  He is blind, but he’s smart and can figure out his way around a home and yard pretty quickly.  He really likes other dogs and living with another dog will make his transition even quicker.  Merle also likes the kitties in his current foster home.  Please consider this sweet boy if you are around the home a lot and would like a wonderful companion to share it with.

Merle’s photo album


Hello, my name is Cannoli.OK, I’m not Italian, but you must admit that I’m as cute as the yummy Italian dessert. I just arrived from Georgia, where I was struggling just to make ends meet. I know it’s hard to look at my “before” pics, but, trust me, I’ve put on some pounds since these were taken. I’m just a year old and really, really sweet and gentle. I have heartworms and am being treated now. I’m looking for a nice, quiet home where I can relax for a few months until I’m back to my old self. I’m currently in MD.

Cannoli’s photo album

Hello to everyone!  My name is Alfonso,I am a French Bulldog / Boston Terrier mix and I arrived in PA via animal rescue flights! Thank you Jack the pilot. I was a stray in South Carolina, and ABR rescued me. I am approximately two to three years old, but life has been very difficult for my short life thus far. The vet told Jodi that I have stage 2 Heartworm with an enlarged heart, Erlichia (a tickborne disease), high blood pressure, and blood and protein in my urine. On a brighter note my foster parents say how loving and adorable I am. I get along with the other dogs in the house, and they seem to like me too! Life is great now that I am being cared for. Unfortunately it is VERY EXPENSIVE to have me get 100% well. Please won’t you help. I would be eternally grateful! Every dollar counts! Thank you, Alfonso 

ps- Be sure to check out my photo album! They added some new pictures of me hanging out with my foster brother, Finn (formerly known as Stinky 1)

Alfonso’s photo Album

Sugar is just the sweetest, most easy-going dogs I have come across in rescue/foster. She LOVES to go riding in a car.  In fact, if you just head toward your vehicle, she will run that direction, too, and wait for you to open the door so she can jump in.  No car sickness, either.  She is very polite, and is food motivated. Sugar is learning commands (sit) and will offer a paw to for you to kiss, er, shake. Sugar is currently going through her heartworm treatment. She is in PA.

Sugar & Pups photo album

Here’s sweet Ruger post bilateral entropian surgery.  He was an absolute sweetie with his foster mom’s 4 year old neice who was giving him commands for treats which he was following perfectly.  He sat immediately when she told him to.  Aireal says that he is the sweetest big boy out there.  110 lbs. of pure love and truly believes he’s a lap dog.  Cuddling is his favorite way to pass the day. Everyone that meets this big guy falls instantly in love with him.  He is now available for adoption.  He shows no interest in cats but should probably be an only dog due to his size.  Ruger is located in Florida.

Ruger’s photo album

I’m Veronica.  I was found roaming the streets of North Philadelphia.  My foster mom thinks I lived in a house before ending up on the streets because I am 100% house trained and crate trained, although I am afraid to come out of my crate on my own, I wait for someone to lead me out.  I didn’t have the best life before coming to American Bulldog Rescue.  I was used for breeding.  My rescuers think I was mistreated because I am so nervous around new people.  I get really scared when I see hands coming at me or when someone’s feet are too close to me or when someone raises their voice.  I don’t get aggressive at all, I just drop to the ground and shake.  I am also terrified of brooms and anything else that resembles a stick.  I have made a  lot of progress since I have been in my foster home and I am very attached to my foster mom.    I like the other dogs that live here too.  One of the older female dogs doesn’t like me at all.  When I go near her she snaps at me and I get so scared I drop to the ground and stay there until someone comes and gets me.  I’m really good on a leash and I love to go for walks but, my favorite thing in the whole world is to sit on the couch with someone and be petted.  Everyone says I am a really nice dog and I will be a great companion for someone.  I’m in PA.

Veronica’s photo album

Hey everyone! It’s me Priscilla. I bet you didn’t even recognize me. Remember that awful picture of me when my eyes were so bad?  My foster mom was so upset that she couldn’t do anything to help me with my eyes, except for drops, until my mange cleared up. Well I had my surgery. Don’t I look beautiful?????? I’m all fixed up now and ready for my furever home. I’m in PA right now. Here’s what my foster mom wrote about me:

Sweet Priscilla.  She is only 8 months old and was found virtually blind.  Her eye lids turned under and she wouldn’t open her eyes since it hurt her so much.  She has since had surgery and can see, a whole new world opened up for her and she’s like a BABY.  She loves to play and always has a sqeaky toy in her mouth.  She’s very frightened of new things and people but will warm up after a time.  She needs lots of socialization but she’s a joy to watch and be with once you’ve become her friend.  It looks like she had cosmetic surgery (eye liner)but that’s the stitch’s which will come out in another week.  Once she gets to be your friend, she bonds strongly and will love you forever, she also loves to go for car rides.

Priscilla’s photo album

Michelina was brought to a shelter as a stray. Michelina is friendly towards other dogs. She is now in a great foster home with 2 other dogs. She is doing great with both of them!  Her evaluation from the shelter states that she is nice, nice, nice! Super sweet, gentle and calm. This girl likes to run. She’ll run straight at you at full speed and not run into you. Friendly towards other dogs. Tolerant of all kinds of touch. You can do anything to her and get no reaction. This gorgeous girl is unflappable! Please consider taking this sweet girl into your home! She is currently in MD.

Michelina’s photo album

Hey there, My name is Rascal Jenkins! My family lost their home and had to move to a place that wouldn’t allow me to go with them. Here’s what Jodi writes about me-

HYSTERICAL! Is the only word to describe this happy-go-lucky character…he is like a kid in a puppy suit. He walks up to everyone he meets and flops down into a frog position, plays nicely with other dogs, is completely house trained and great in the car.  Rascal is 15 months old and was turned into rescue because his mom had lost her home and had to move into an apartment that did not allow animals. He is great in the house but fun and energetic outside. His ears go up when you talk to him! Rascal is in PA.

Rascal’s photo album

ps- webprincess told Jodi to tell me that I have the cutest ears she has EVER seen. I have no idea what she means by that.

Hey it’s me Chop, I am a traffic stopping, head turning, handsome, 3 year old American Bulldog.  I grew up in a home with children and a male boxer.  I am currently in a foster home in PA with a small dog and two cats.  My foster mom says I am a big, gentle, quiet, teddy bear who loves everyone I meet.  I always  greet my foster mom at the door with hugs and kisses.  I am totally house broken.  I know how to sit, lay down, and give paw.  I only chew on my doggie bones and toys (no shoes or furniture for me please).  I have no food aggressions.  I love to go for walks, playing and running around at the dog park is the greatest thing ever.  But my greatest wish would be to find a furever home and a family that understands and love me for who I am.  I have a lot of love to give and I am hoping someone out there is looking for a sweet guy like me.

Chop’s photo album

Hello, my name is Flower (also affectionately known as Flower Power)!

Flower is a sweet and affectionate young girl who loves to snuggle, play, look at you, be pet and give lots of kisses. She is GREAT with her 4 foster brothers and sisters big and small She has a high prey drive, though, and shouldn’t live with cats. So far, Flower appears housebroken, no accidents in 3 weeks as she hasn’t had any accidents in her foster home. She also doesn’t mind her crate and doesn’t whine or bark at all when she’s in it. Flower knows sit and is pretty good about coming when called, although she does needs to work on her leash work and not jumping out of excitement when you first come into the house. She is otherwise fairly mellow in the house, content to be by your side. Flower hasn’t exhibited any food aggression with people and shares marrow bones with the other dogs in the house! Flower is in PA.

Flower’s photo album

Sheba is so sweet and just wants love. She is very submissive. You cannot tell by this photo but she is skin and bones, can see every bone in her body. She came in as a stray and thank God she got away from wherever she was, just sickening. She needs lots of TLC.  She will make someone a great dog.  She is a snuggler and wants to be around you all the time. She is a true rescue dog and you know how they need to be around you all the time. She’s eager to please and listens really well. She will sit when you tell her and appears to be house trained. She is about 7 years old, great with kids and other dogs. Sheba is in FL.

Sheba’s photo album.

Hi, I’m Deevie! I had a home, but I was crated all the time. My dad decided to abandon me at his old girlfriend’s house. I’m pretty scared and I don’t understand what is going on. I would love for someone to come and give me a loving new home. I’m a quiet girl who loves to be petted and cuddled. I lived with small dogs and I relate well to children. The girls at the vet’s office hated to see me leave, they told me I was special. I’m at the boarding kennel now, my third new place in three weeks. I’m trying to be brave, but it’s chilly here and the dog next to me never stops barking. Please come and meet me, it’s worth the trip. I ride nicely in the car and walk well on a leash. I’m housebroken, too!  I’m in PA.

Deevie’s photo album


It’s Sunni! I’m hanging out here in MD with my foster mom. Here’s what she writes about me:

Just wanted you to know that Sunni is here and she is adorable. She has had a bath and her nails trimmed. She walks great on a leash and she has been doing well with all of my dogs. She is very sweet and loving. Very people oriented. I am sure you already know this but she is down on her hocks a bit and her toes are all splayed. She has so far had no accidents in the house.

Sunni’s photo album 

The Sky is the limit with the love I have to give! I was living on the streets of Texas with my three new born puppies when I was taken to a shelter. I was doing the best I could to provide for my three little ones while suffering from heartworms myself. The shelter staff was wonderful and gave us a safe place to sleep and food to eat. Unfortunately, help came too late for my little boy and we lost him. Now it’s the girls, Sadi, Sunni and I. A big thanks to Sam, Shelley, Vinnie, Ashley, Eileen, Tammy, Courtney, Lynn and a few others who helped us get from Texas to Maryland so we can begin searching for forever homes. I know my girls will find families quickly, puppies always do. I’m really hoping that someone will consider me, too. I’m only a year old and feeling much better. I gained a lot of weight at the shelter in Texas and the nice doctor in Maryland took care of my heartworms. I will need a nice, relaxed lifestyle for the next 4 months, then I will be as good as new! I LOVE people, car rides, watching rodeos (I hope my new family has cable TV), the company of other dogs, and I walk nicely on a leash

Sky’s photo album


New Arrivals:

Hello, my name is 2nd hand Rose! Here’s a little more about me:

Second Hand Rose was left behind when a young girl moved out of her handicapped fathers home. He could not care for her. Rose likes other dogs. She will `have more info posted as we get to know her better.

Rose’s photo album

ps- They might call me 2nd hand Rose now but they’ll soon be calling me Bloomin’ Rose 🙂



Look at those eyes!!!!!

Hey there, my name is Lady! They’re busting me out of the NY shelter today. I have to go into quarantine for just a bit and then I’ll be looking for my new furever home. They’ll write more about me later.

Lady’s photo album

Hi, I’m Olive! I’m only 2 years old, but I was used for breeding my whole life. I was found in an abandoned building with my 1 year old daughter and 8 puppies (ABR took 6 of them- we would have taken them all but only 6 were available to us). Thankfully, we were rescued, and they have all survived. My puppies will be adopted pretty quickly, but I would love a wonderful home of my own too I’m currently in a foster home with a male dog and I fit right in with the family! .My foster mom will tell you that I am an absolute delight!! I walk well on a leash and am perfect in the car! I listen, and I am so smart! I don’t bark much. When I’m excited my whole body shakes!!! I’m 100% housebroken and I know a bunch of commands and tricks! I am ok with cats and good with kids! Santa brought me a pink stuffed toy for Christmas, and I spend all day with it! I will lay and cuddle it for hours! I even throw it up in the air and catch it myself! I would love a home to call my own, where I am treated like a princess! I’m in MD.

Olive’s pups- 1 of 6

Meet Evie! aka/Trinity Eve

Super sweet cuddle monster! Has her lazy moments… when she wants to cuddle in your lap or just snooze on the chair, along with her crazy moments when she runs around like she is on fire! She gets along great with other dogs, but does like to push the limits. She is still more interested in chewing the leash than walking on it and potty training is still a work in progress. She would make a great addition to any home. Evie is in PA.

Evie’s photo album

Olive’s pups- 2 & 3 of 6

Meet Isabella Beluga and Freddie Tim!

Bella is an all white female, on the petite side,she is adorable and loves to play. She falls asleep last and wakes up first.  She loves to jump on her brother’s head or hide under the couch and poke at him, since he can’t fit under it! She is good with paper training and goes outside …even in the three feet of snow.
Freddie is a male with some brindle patches. He is a little more  mellow than his sister and larger. He is very good with paper training and  is also good going outside. He is a big cutie pie.
Both puppies are absolutely adorable and we LOVE having  them!!! (from Mary, Bella and Freddie’s foster mom)

Isabella & Freddie’s photo album

Olive’s pups- 4 of 6

Meet Cleo!

Cleo ended up in an animal shelter when her previous owner abandoned her, her littermates and mom and dad in an abandoned building. She is the cutest little thing with her big fat belly and wrinkled up snout!!  She is about 10 weeks old.  She loves to snuggle and be held all day long.  She does well in her crate at night however, she is NOT housetrained or fully crate trained yet.

Cleo’s photo album

Hello, my name is Cotton! Some really nice lady named Deb posted me on ABR’s Facebook page ’cause I was seriously close to my time being up at a shelter in NC. Whew, that was really close! The shelter named me Cotton because I’m so fluffy. I’ll be making my way from NC to PA soon and going to my new foster home.

Cotton’s photo album

note: Cotton is very depressed and lost weight at the shelter. Aside from the horrors of being in the shelter, we just learned something that broke our hearts. The person that took him to the vet for us was looking over his paperwork.  It stated that he came in with another dog and they were not to be separated or they won’t eat…..the freakin’ shelter euthanized his BFF.  That could be why he’s soooooo depressed.

Meet Burkley! His rescue angel writes:

After over a month (!!!!) at the shelter, poor Burkley, dumped by his owner, can finally rest safely, having avoided “the list” multiple times. He’s a sweet, sweet boy who was so very excited to put his head out of a window again (look at his lips flapping in the air). He’s good with other dogs and just happy go lucky. He weighs 97 lbs but could definitely use a little more. I am so so so excited!! Especially the picture of him looking back at the shelter as they drive away, if we didn’t intervene yesterday, he would have been leaving out the back…. yay Burkley!!! woo

Burkley is in FL.

Burkley’s photo album

Sweet Eve was found as a stray.  She’s skinny, over bred and heart worm positive.  Despite all that, she’s such a lovely and sweet dog.  She will roll over for a belly rub every time she sees you coming.  And she’s a talker….watch out Kingston. Eve is in FL.

Eve’s photo album

We adopted Gia to a family three years ago when she was just 12 weeks old. Their living situation has changed and they are moving to an apartment that does not allow dogs, so they returned her to us. She is a sweetheart and loves to give kisses. Gia is easy to handle on a leash and is crate trained. She is very sad in the kennel and misses her family. Gia is in Md.

Gia’s photo album

Although Maple may look like a pup at first glance, She has been on this earth for a long time. Maple was either extremely malnourished, but her Vet thinks that she shows signs of dwarfism. Her Xrays show perfect hips but her front and back femurs are deformed. She weighs 55 pounds and is between 6-8 years old. Maple also had some mammary issues and looks like she may have recently had pups. She has generalized Demodectic mange and has been through alot in her life but she loves other dogs, pigs and chickens, they make her happy. The gang is getting her to slowly leaving her crate and join in their play sessions, her fave is Butter  the lil’ ole Pug! Maple is in PA.

Maple’s photo album

This was Spot. Spot was living outside in a dog house in Brooklyn. Please watch for Spot updates. You will See Spot Run, play and smile : ) He is currently in PA.

Spot’s photo album

Henny was confiscated from a cruelty case that had him outside 24/7 on cold cement in NC.  He’s very skinny and full of pressure sores but well on his way to recovering.  He’s been neutered and given lots of love and food and is in a nice warm house for the first time in his 4 years.  Henny is located in Charlotte, NC.
PS….his foster mom says he looks like a skinny bobble headed cow….said lovingly

Henny’s photo album

NC Momma & Pups……

This is an amazing story. You will see 5 puppies in the photo. Somehow, there’s 2 more added to the mix. We’re not sure how it happened, perhaps puppies that needed a mom that the shelter added? Anyhow, there’s 2 more (that weren’t part of the original ‘package’)…. the more the merrier. As we understand it, her human dropped her off at someone’s home to look after her and never came back for her. More to come on this beautiful family.

Momma & pups photo album

ps- check out the photos to see if you can tell which 2 ‘don’t belong’ 🙂


Courtesy Posts:

Due to the overwhelming number of dogs in our care at this time that need homes, we have moved the courtesy posts to a separate page. They can be found here. We hope this is a temporary thing.

Happy Tails:

Hey everyone, it’s me June Bug! I’m just checking in with you and wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year. As you can see, I’m doing REALLY great. That’s a picture of me hangin’ with my furever brother.

June Bug’s photo album


Remember me? It’s Jackson! Formerly known as Cupid…..I had the BEST Christmas ever. I got all kinds of really neat toys and treats. My life sure has changed since ABR first got me. Things couldn’t be better.

Jackson’s photo album

Olive’s pups- 5 of 6

Hey there, I’m Maximus (aka/ Max). I’m a victim of ‘foster failure’.

I had my foster dad at ‘woof”. All it took was one good snuggling and that’s all she wrote. Be sure to check out my video below. I came across this ‘other’ dog and I had to show him just who was the boss. My dad loves me so much he made his own photo album of me.

Guess who? I bet you’ll never guess in a million years ’cause I have gotten HUGE. It’s me, Brother Moo, Maggie Moo’s baby boy. My name is Barkeley now and this is a picture of me with my little forever humans. Don’t we make a beautiful family?

Barkeley’s photo album

Hey everyone! It’s me Roxy checking in. This is a picture of me with my BFF Emma. My mom just sent an update for my Happy Tail page so check it out.As you will read, things couldn’t be better for me.

Roxy’s photo album

It’s me, Tex! Well I’m not going to be outdone by my sister Roxy…… I have my very own Happy Tail page now too! My sister and I sure lucked out in that we both have awesome forever humans and they stay in touch so I get to hear how she’s doing.

Tex’s photo album

You’ve not met me before. My name is Holly (formerly known as Garrett) and I’ve been adopted! This is a picture of me and my new furever friend Ernie.

Hey guys, it’s Sadi! I’ve been adopted.

Sadi’s photo album

Hello, it’s Tulip…. also affectionately known as Toolie. Check out my Happy Tail.

It’s Diva checking in! My furever humans found me in the Spring of this year and I wanted to share my Happy Tail with you.

Diva’s photo album

My name is Dougal….. most people just call me Woogie though. Hey, I was adopted 7 years ago and back then ABR didn’t have that Happy Tails stuff on their website. When I found out they were doing that, I knew I wanted my own page. Here’s my very own Happy Tail.

Dougal’s photo album 

Guess what? I’ve been adopted!!!!! It’s ME, Magoo. Yeah!!!!!!

Magoo’s web page and photo album

 picture coming soon!

 Olive’s pups- 6 of 6

Ooooops! It seems we’ve had another Foster Failure. Sasha has found her forever home!


And just for fun…….

Oh so sweet!!!!!!!

Clara at her new foster home. We know it’s hard to tell but that’s Peanut Butter sleeping next to her.

ps- they added more new pictures of me at my foster home. Check out my photo album! Love, Clara

 Max & the Mirror