Rescue Reality 3-26-11

Posted: March 25th, 2011
We are really happy to report that Cleo is making a lot of progress. The girls were lucky enough
to catch a ride with 2 really wonderful amazing pilots ( John + Jim and who could not turn their back on them.
They flew in on Sunday March 12th and headed right to the vet first thing Monday the 13th.
Our regular vet got us right into an appointment with Dr. Darrin the Neurologist who
ordered lots of tests, put Cleo on a few different antibiotics and a steroid. After a few
days on steroids, she started making progress. She went from basically lying on her side,
struggling to stand up to taking lots of steps, playing pretty rough and basically getting
where wants to go. She got her wheelchair on the 25th and is not loving it yet but we’ll
make sure she gets the hang of it!

We are looking for outstanding forever homes.

We are also in DESPERATE NEED of foster homes.

We’re making an urgent plea for donations.
We seem to have an onslaught of dogs with serious medical conditions of late
as opposed to the usual heartworms and mange issues.

Thank you so much everyone and we hope you all have a great week!

Thank you to to helping: Andy Vlahos • Wilson + Jimmy Nichols and Maple

Elizabeth Clark (in memory of Ed Gardin) • Meghan Miller • Southern Tier Pet Supply
Barberry Handcrafted Cabinets • Eileen Ritmiller • Nancy Kerper • Joseph Gallagher
• Kourtney Jones • Tarkan Roberts • Dorothy Thompson • Sharron Sample • Jessica E Siegel
Kelley Gargiulo • Patricia Helton • Kenneth Snopkowski • Waldemar Duszyk
Cynthia Khalsa • Rita LaRose Smith • Megan Murray • Daryn Jones • Marisa de la Fuente
Janis Risch • Matt Thomason • Kalem Gustafson • Robyn Holdren • Mary Ann Clifford
Naomi Recore • Eric Hackman • Meghan McHugh • Adrian Rogerson • Jan Hyer
Gloria Garcia • Jessica Carrion Kimberly O’Brien • Kirby Spudnick • Barbara Borgo Van Cleve
Mack Hamilton • Erika Straume • Auggie Johnson and Gina Cusati!!
Your donations and purchases will help with all of our “special needs” now and in the future.



Please read about Cleo and Snowball.

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Mojo is not too happy…..she managed to get
a few stitches open and had to go back to the
vet for a little touch up. Unfortunately for her,
she now has to wear the dreaded
satellite dish. Momma Mary says she doing
great on her little therapy walks but tires easily.
She’s still heavily medicated for pain but
she has a whole new life to look forward to.
Go Mo!!!


Mojo’s photo album


Canolli really needs to go to a home. She has been
boarded for more than three months. They are
wonderful to her at the kennel, but the cost
($10/day) is preventing us from having the
money to save other dogs. Canolli was at the
end of her rope when we pulled her from the
shelter, skin and bones, loaded with tape worms,
round worms, heart worms, fleas and over
20 ticks. After two heartworm treatments,
she is now a healthy, happy girl who is gentle
and just wants to be loved. She is in MD. Won’t you
please consider opening your home to her? 

Canolli’s photo album

Canolli’s Petfinder link


Still Waiting:

Hello, my name is Piper!

Piper is doing great! She sleeps in her crate
at night and is very quiet. She is a little shy
around new people, especially men, but warms
up quickly. She is decent on a leash, but will
jump and “hug” you if she gets scared by
a sound. She is a super snuggler!!! Once we sit
on the ground, she can’t wait to run over and
curl up next to us. Her favorite game is tug of
war (with her toys only). She runs around shoving
toys in her foster brothers face trying to get him
to latch on to an end and play. She has learned
“sit” and now we’re working on “down”.
She is a really fast learner…
Anyways, she is a joy!

Piper’s photo album


Rescue me… oh take me in your arms!
Roscoe here! Ever notice my name is kinda
similar to “rescue”? That’s what those
wonderful folks from American Bulldog Rescue
did for me! Talk about a close call…
My time was up at a shelter and they scooped
me up in the nick of time! Whew! I’m now
hanging in my foster home in MD and boy,
they can’t say enough good things about me!
I heel, sit when told while walking, lay down
on command and I am easy to handle!
I am so excited to have love & attention,
that my whole body wags when I greet you.
And although I’m quite chatty on my page,
I’m not much of a barker.
If you are looking for a furever loverboy,
you’ve found him! Ooh, me, me, ME! ?
I need you, and your love too,
come on and rescue me!

Roscoe’s photo album!


Goliath is a good boy who just had bad luck.
He came from GA and if he had a family, they just
didn’t take care of him. Skinny and weak he is now
getting the care he needs. Goliath is good with
other dogs and great in the car. He has lived with
kids ages two and up and is perfect!

He is loved by everyone who meets him because
his southern charm shines. He could really use a
family who will appreciate his charming personality.
He is currently in PA.

Goliath’s photo album


Daisy here! I wanted to update everyone on
my progress. Ive had the first of my two
surgeries to help me live a pain free life.
Thank you to everyone who was able to
help me begin my dream of being pain free.
Since my surgery my progress hasnt been
the fastest, so said the vet, but I work hard.
My foster mommy and daddy are impressed
with my rehab, even though I can be stubborn.
They help me with rehab by taking me for lots
of walks and I return their generosity by
walking wonderfully on the leash. 

Oh yea, I almost forgot to tell you where I am.
Im in sunny and HOT Florida .

What a doll! This 12 month old loves people
and can never get enough. She has been
attending obedience class and sits before
you are finished saying it, her butt is on the
ground. Lady Bug comes when you call her
and is completely house trained. She is great
with people of all ages…she is picky about her
dog friends because she really likes to be the
boss but is not dog aggressive. She is easily
walked past other dogs.
Please see her complete listing in PA
Pennsylvania Piper…still waiting : ( She loves
other dogs…does your dog need a best friend?
I have a foster brother named Chase Mutley
and we do everything together. I would like
to find a real big brother like him when
I move into my forever home.
Bo came to us from a high kill shelter, as part 
of a group of 4. He's a stunning bulldog who 
has wonderful AB physical traits (extremely 
muscular- large build) as well as alot of the 
typical personality traits...he is VERY proud 
and quite stubborn when he wants to be. 
He is very loving and sweet though and likes 
to be the center of attention. Bo seems to 
be happiest as an only dog. He's hoping the 
right family comes along soon because he's
 waiting at a veterinary office. Everyone who 
sees Bo comments how beautiful he is and
 believe me he knows it!

Michelina is friendly towards other dogs. She is now in a great foster home with 2 other dogs. She is doing great with both of them! Her evaluation from the shelter states that she is nice, nice, nice! Super sweet, gentle and calm. This girl likes to run. She’ll run straight at you at full speed and not run into you. Friendly towards other dogs. Tolerant of all kinds of touch. You can do anything to her and get no reaction. This gorgeous girl is unflappable! Please consider taking this sweet girl into your home! She is currently in MD.

Michelina’s photo album


New Arrivals:

Hello, my name is Grace. As you can probably tell, I’ve had a pretty tough life so far but things are about to change for me. I’m currently in NC waiting patiently for my transport to be arranged where ABR is going to find me the kind of home that I truly deserve.

More to come on me…..

Grace’s photo album


Jefferson is a sweet unique boy who is around 2-3 years old. He came from a high kill shelter after the time was up. We think Jefferson had limited positive interactions with people. Initially he was very stand offish and would not respond to any talk, touch, or love you tried to give him. He’s come a long way and will give you kisses and sit in your lap for pets. Jefferson is believed to be a cross between american bulldog and alapaha blue blood bulldog. He is very intelligent and typical of the breed, has a high prey drive. Because of this, it’s best if Jefferson is an only doggy. Jefferson would be best for a home with
bulldog experience as he can be stubborn and persistent. He does learn very quickly and is eager to please. Jefferson is going to be undergoing heartworm treatment shortly
(a reminder of his horrible past).
Rusty is cool. Rusty knows he is cool. At 18 month he went from being an adorable puppy who was allowed to do whatever he liked because it was probably very cute and very funny …to a 100 + pound puppy who doesn’t understand why anyone it telling him what to do! Lucky for Rusty his foster dad is an amazing trainer and he is learning how to do everything he is supposed to without a treat. He is good with submissive female dogs and amazing with people.

He is housebroken and crate trained. He does not chew or ruin anything, when left alone and will go to his new family with training classes for life. He is located near Quakertown PA.


Well Lydia, It’s about time!!! Aireal you are a miracle worker. Lydia has had disapointment after disapointment is her young little life. First she was surrendered to a shelter without any hair by a family who never took care of her, she had 3 different foster homes who could not commit to bathing her every other day or could not stand the smell of demodectic mange after they were told multiple times what they were in store for. Finally ole’ faithful Aireal stepped up to the task and look at the transformation. Lydia is in Florida and great with other dogs and spectacular with children! Please look her up on our Florida Petfinder page. We are so proud of you girls! What a team!


FL: Another story that will bring up your lunch. There were 4 pups and their parents living outside infested with fleas. This is how they looked when we picked them up.
Please see their links and updates on our FL Petfinder page.

Happy Tails:

Hey guys, it’s me Deacon and I’ve been adopted!

Deacon is doing great! He has made himself right at home with us. He jumps up on the couch and snuggles with everyone. He and Tilly play when they’re not eating or sleeping. Bosco likes him, too, and is very tolerant of him. Deacon respects Bosco, and seems to know that he’s an old guy. He will sometimes lay next to Bosco and nap. He had a bath, and he didn’t mind it at all. Afterwards, I warmed up some towels in the dryer, and wrapped him up in them. He went right to sleep! I wish someone would do that to me!! His housetraining is going really well. He knows that when I say “hurry up, Deacon” and he pees, he will get a treat right there. He’s only pooped in the house once. He knows he’ll get a treat for pooping, too! He has been on several walks, and he’s really good on the leash for such a little guy. He is the easiest pup that we’ve had so far.



Chance is the sweetest, biggest, baby and we love him SO much. We went to Jodi’s to drop off our adoption application, and she asked us to foster this 100lb bundle of love and the rest is history. A few hours was all it took…and we knew he was ours for good.

A few things about Chance:
1) His favorite thing to do is to sit on the ottoman in front of the window that looks out to the front yard (all the neighborhood kids walk by and wave to him).
2) He LOVES to play and will do anything for a ball..absolutely anything!

3) His best friend is a Seeing Eye Puppy in training – a German Shepard named Yonnie.

Chance has such a funny personality and makes us laugh everyday…especially in the morning when we wakes up (in bed next to us) and yawns and stretches louder than a grown man. Thank you so much for allowing us to bring him into our family – he has made it better in every way. We are truly grateful.

Chris & Nancy


Awesome photo:

John Smith with his new sisters and niece (Boston Terrier)