Quija’s Happy Tail

Posted: September 3rd, 2010



Hi.  We’ve renamed Sheba to Ouija (like the board).  It’s turning out to be a perfect name for her…entertaining and yet full of Voodoo under the surface.  
She was grumpy and sullen for about a week because she missed your house so much.  But she has recently come into her own life here in NJ.  Still she has a nasty habit of ransacking my house almost immediately after I walk out the door.  Even to get the mail.  Nick can come and go, but it seems she can’t leave me.  So she now goes to “doggie daycare” 3 days while I am at work and comes home exhausted from swimming and playing all day with the rest of the dogs. She loves it and jumps right out of the car in the mornings when I drop her off.

Ouija does enjoy the beach.  We go in the evening to beat the heat with my neighbor’s dog, Jack, and they are totally in love (picture attached). On the beach they are inseparable and run and romp continuously.  They totally ignore any other dogs that might want to join in.  The saying is “a tired dog is a happy dog” so I let them play most evenings until they practically fall over.

If I go in the water Ouija doesn’t mind joining me even with all the waves.  She turned out to be as surprisingly good swimmer.  It’s funny to see her big head bobbing around in the surf as she paddles around.  We can’t wait to go on vacation and see how she does at the lake house.  We think she might dive right off the dock with us.

She also starts a beginners training class next Saturday to hopefully learn some commands and help feel more secure. Hopefully it will also help to combat the separation anxiety. We know she can learn and have been able to teach her “sit” and “lay-down” but she needs a lot more work with “stay” and “come”.   We’ll see how that works out.

So all is good here.  She still has some issues to work out but is very well adjusted and happy. We are totally amazed at how non-aggressive she is.  As they put it at daycare “She’s a big mush.”  She fits in well with us and we were lucky to get her.  Thanks for your work at the rescue.

Right now I have to watch here every second and can’t mess with a camera but I will take pictures at the beach soon and send them on.  I’ve got to send you a video of her swimming in the waves…it’s hilarious to see!  Who knew American Bulldogs can swim and body surf?


Quija’s photo album