Please Help with Kingston!

Posted: May 19th, 2010

Everyday AB rescue receives numerous requests from people looking to rehome their dogs. Sadly, most of the time a lack of foster homes and financial backing doesn’t allow us to bring them straight into the rescue. But once in a while we get a case like Kingston…Kingston has had a hard life so far. Initially he was owned by a young guy who couldn’t care for him. At that point, the young boy’s father brought him in, only to promptly seek a new home for him. A nice couple received a picture of this sweet boy and decided he was the one! When they picked him up, the dog in front of them did not look like the picture, he was skinny but still quite active. The previous owner stated he was “on the mend” and that he’d be just fine! Well as you can see, Kingston is not just fine. X-rays have confirmed that he has numerous blockages from foreign objects. Whether this was just from being a young puppy or that he didn’t have an adequate food supply and sought out other options, we won’t know. Kingston needs major exploratory sugery if we can get him strong enough to survive the anesthesia. The couple who owns him  (Kingston will be signed over to ABR tomorrow) has done the best they can, but cannot afford such expenses. They have NOT given up on him like so many people in their position may have done. AB rescue is going to step up and welcome Kingston to our family, and hopefully save this boy but we need your help! He is going to need all the positive energy he can get and we desperately need help to pay for this life saving surgery. We will keep a rolling update on every step of his progress. He will be evaluated by the vet on Thursday and we should know a lot more then. Look for new pictures and hopefully good news and keep sweet Kingston in your thoughts! We can’t let this awesome boy down!




If you would like to send Kingston well wishes, he would (and we would) love to hear from you. Please use the link on the right side of the website for “Site Feedback”. We will publish your comments. 

05/20/10, 6:45 p.m.- New photos added (meeting at the vet’s office). We’re waiting for an update from his ABR Angel. 

05/21/10, 4:38 p.m.- Kingston had x-rays today. His Rescue Angel writes- “They had a little cut out pad thing for him to lay in between on his back and he just turned right over and she stretched him out and pushed the button with her foot. Then he sits up and gives kisses. He’s a very sweet boy.” His Rescue Angel is going to the vet’s office after work and will give us an update.

05/22/10, 7:38 a.m.- Note from Kingston’s  Rescue Angel from last night-

Poor Kingston weighs only 36 lbs =( He started a barium study this morning and was a perfect gentleman. He laid down on the xray table like he knew we were there to help. Lab results from yesterday came back w some bad news. He is severely anemic and his albumin level is extremely low. What this means is we will have some serious power boosting to do before we can even attempt surgery. If we can’t improve the levels in the next week or so he will need a blood or platelet donation (enter Puck!). The barium study was inconclusive as the dye passed through pretty quickly with no obvious blockages. It will be re-read tomorrow. Please keep Kingston in your thoughts! He’s such a sweet guy and we just know he’ll pull through with all the positive energy the ABR family is sending! He has a HUGE buffet of food coming tomorrow am….updates to follow.
05/22/10, 12:55 p.m.-
He ate some food for the tech this morning…. then ate about 1/2 lb raw food with all kinds of goodies (great life enzymes, probiotics, yogurt, egg, standard process immune support, flying basset multi vitamin mineral support, choline/inositol, cod liver oil, coconut oil, aloe, tripe, level 5000 glucosamine/chondroitin and lots of love!). Hopefully it will settle well and he’ll pack on some MUCH needed weight! He’s such a pleasure to be around!!!!

05/24/10, 11:46 a.m.- A note from his rescue angel:  Well today we are going to run the panel to test for all of the tick borne diseases. Kingston has been eating..some…but now has pretty bad diarrhea probably for a variety of reasons. A lot of new foods, more food that he’s accustomed to, and waking up his GI tract since it hasn’t been all that busy for quite some time. He’s such a good boy though that he will hold it until someone can take him out. My heart breaks for this poor boy. I’m crossing my fingers that we get something definitive soon. He did put on a few lbs though, despite the diarrhea so I guess we have to celebrate small victories at this point. He is still quite a happy boy!

05/25/10, 5:29 p.m.- It is INCREDIBLY important now for everyone to PLEASE, envision Kingston HEALTHY. We NEED to send him energy that we can SEE him HEALTHY…..  

05/26/10, 8:29 p.m.- Kingston continues to make friends everywhere he goes. He’s such a kind sweet boy with such an expressive face. We received his pancreatic enzyme supplement yesterday that started immediately. Kingston is almost 44 lbs now and is starting to get a little of his pink back (him gums and everything on him was casper white). He goes around the office and takes turns giving everyone “the look” to see what they’ll offer him to eat lol. Tomorrow morning we are having gourmet “lamb”urgers hopefully for his eating enjoyment. Everyday we’re thankful Kingston is still having a positive attitude and hanging with us a little longer….each moment is a small step in the right direction.

05/28/10- Social butterfly Kingston has recently decided to take on the job of quality control…any exam room door that is not completely shut leads to Kngston shoving it open with his forehead. He peeks in and greets everyone to ensure the clients are having a good experience before moving on to the next room. He’s quite a little riot. He also loves kids and was trying to “kiss” up to the veterinarian’s son, literally. We are still trying to control the diarrhea but he seems to be eating a little more consistently over the last few days. I cannot stress how incredible this dog is….please keep him in your thoughts! Go Kingston!!!!! New photos added.

05/30/10, 1:14 p.m.- A note from his rescue angel:  He was seizing when I went to see him this morning.  It stopped and he went back to his “normal”. He is now on an IV w/the sugar solution and we started him on phenobarbital. I thought he was dying in my arms. But after he stopped, he went right back to his normal self and was trolling the office and then wanted to go in the car, so of course I let him. When the doctor got there he wouldn’t get out of the car and made me chase him- every door I went to, he’d jump to the other side or in the back. I have no idea what this is but were going to have to pull out all the stops and just try whatever we can. 

05/30/10, 9:12 p.m.- My name is Kim and I take care of the website. I just got off the phone with Kingston’s Rescue Angel. Her name is Laura. Before we update you on Kingston, let me please tell you about the amazing person that is taking care of him. She was in tears all day today…. that’s just the kind of person that she is- she loves this dog. She works 5 days a week at one job, another on the weekend, and in her free time (cough, cough) rescues beautiful babies from hell on earth, the Miami-Dade shelter. She has spent every free moment that she has with Kingston. Her dogs have not seen her in 2 weeks except in brief passing. While you’re sending Kingston well wishes, please send this special Angel your prayers as well. This has been especially hard for her.

Laura is going to send us an update tonight when she gets home. She was just leaving Kingston when I talked to her. Everyone should know…. we don’t publish everything that’s going on but thus far, Jodi has said “do what it takes”, several Vets have been contacted, a holistic vet has been contacted, we’ve been searching the web high and low researching his symptoms, we’ve consulted with a highly regarded psychic to help us with some insight, we were on the phone with the University of Florida this afternoon…. we’re trying everything to bring this beautiful baby back to health. Please keep Kingston, and his rescue Angel Laura in your thoughts.

05/31/10, 10:44 a.m.- Too cute!

at Dunkin Donuts- he’s waiting to place his order…

“He’s doing very well. First good poops. Energetic, wanted to go bye byes and he talked to all the Dunkin staff, it was quite cute. Then he mooched a good majority of my breakfast lol”


06/01/10, 5:12 p.m.- note from Laura (from this morning): Kingston is quite the little challenge because he doesn’t quite fit any mold yet that we can find. We are actively testing him for a liver shunt as some of his symptoms match, but again his lab work doesn’t fit the typical case of liver shunt, but we’re all beginning to realize that Kingston is anything but typical! We are going to run some more blood work today including a test for the pre/post meal toxicity that liver shunt would cause. We’re also re-running his urinalysis to see if there is any crystal formation. Since the seizure, which was completely terrifying!, Kingston has been much much much more lively and happy and bouncing around. He also has decided that, regardless of what auntie laura cooks him, he wants to steal the kitty’s food every time he walks by it. I let him think he’s getting away with something big 😉 His stool has been formed and consistent and his appetite has markedly improved. We did the barium study to check for obstruction and his liver looks to be of normal size and healthy. The only thing that didn’t look great was his small intestine, it looked enlarged and somewhat dilated, like IBS/IBD would look. We’ve supplemented his food with the pancreatic enzymes to see if he had a pancreatic insufficiency (he has lab work out already for that). It doesn’t seem to have made much of a difference. When we get the rest of this lab work back, I am going to send around to a few specialists in the area. It’s difficult because with his severe anemia and possible liver involvement, surgery (for biopsy or exploratory) is at least for the time being, impossible and we also can’t risk sedative because he is too weak and may never wake back up. We will re-run his regular chem panel later in the week and hopefully we’ve made some progress w/ the anemia and albumin levels in order to start considering these important tests. His lab work is consistent with a dog who has been starved, but it is clearly not the case with him, his family loved him very much.

06/01/10, 8:16 p.m.- So Kingston had another great day today! He seems to have a lot more energy and spunk. He also is on a streak of having formed stool…so exciting! He was supposed to have a fasting blood test today but the little stinker sabotaged it by snagging some cat food on his way’d never imagine a boy this thin to be as strong as he is! I’m also beginning to think he’s got my number….I arrived at the office for our post work walk and he was eating ravenously in his cage…until he saw me. He promptly stopped and shot me the “i’m starving what’d you bring” look. He’s doing well with eating regularly and eating what he’s offered. I am very (albeit cautiously) optimistic! Kingston’s fan club must be hard at work sending positive energy his way.

06/04/10, 4:26 p.m.- Kingston has been feeling GREAT the last few days! Yesterday he ate 5 meals and continues to have normal stool. Today when I got there, he RAN outside to do his potties (I was chasing after him in my heels). He’s been ravenously eating at each meal time, coaxing hasn’t been needed- thank goodness! That is so stressful to see a starving dog refuse a good meal. He also has a new little girlfriend- a boxer named Bella who looks a lot like a very mini him. He plays the cool guy in school (gives her minimal attention) and she just worships every step he takes, it’s quite amusing! Another good note, Kingston weighed in at a whopping 45.7 lbs yesterday (and yes, we double checked it!). He’s getting a little antsy at the animal hospital and knows where the exit door is, he sits there and gives you his “look”. If I bring him out in the parking lot, he knows my car and will go right to it and wait patiently, staring at the door handle. I promised him that over the weekend we will go out for some adventures….

06/07/10, 5:51 p.m.- Kingston here! I’m up to a whopping 48 lbs…… no really I am!!!!! My Rescue Angel talked to that website lady  today and told her how great I’m doing. She said that if I keep putting on weight like this, I may be able to go to a foster home next weekend. Woohoo! I’m getting really tired of being at the vet’s office (they’re treating me great though!!!!) and am looking forward to a home environment. I know everyone’s just looking out for me. Thanks for all of the well wishes everyone!

06/15/10- So Kingston had a busy weekend- again!. Saturday we met for a nice raw food breakfast (gag!) and then went on a lunch outing to the store that I work at. He stretched out in his favorite bed and talked to himself, and then ripped the ear off of the resident chihuhua’s favorite toy (at least the ear wasn’t off the chihuahua lol). He was pretty pooped after that and I brought him back to the doctor office. After work on Sunday I went to visit him at night time….On a good note, Kingston seems to be completely cat friendly…Apparently, someone didn’t latch his cage completely after the morning walk, so he let himself out. He ate and drank everything in sight, including but not limited to the resident cats’ multiple food/water bowls, any open cage was fair game, and then he did a gigantic pee pee (probably from all the water lol) right by the door we normally go out. When I got there, they had just put him back in his cage and he was telling me all about it (see video # 2). It’s almost like he acts it out (roo roo roo **points to cage door** roo roo) lol. Last week we struggled with the diarrhea again, but we seem to be back on track! He’s such a clown, I love it!


07/03/10- Kingston has a new trick!



Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

Mary & Gracie Fox Julie Sweeney Steven Golden
Susan Thacker Debby Cornacchia Maria Rafalski
Barbara Scinto Morgen Balletto Iris Lambka
Kathy Spiewak Jennifer Hoopes* Sharron Sample
Margaret Knowles
Palmetto, FL
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Puyallup, PA

*In memory of Harely and Maizie

From Kim:

I have never seen a dog this thin. Please, Hang in there Kingston! You’re in our thoughts and prayers. LOTS of people are sending you healing energy. 

From Mary & Gracie:

Kingston, hang in there Mister!!  We will keep you in our prayers!!  My big girl Gracie was sad and skinny with a black and white cookie face just like you! Now she is a queen and adored. We hope you can muster the strength to let others help you and live a life that you deserve.

From Laura:

Kingston- we’re all behind you and you’re going to pull through! Be strong baby!

From Jodi:

Kingston, I haven’t even met you and I want to get my hands on you. I want to cook for you. I know that you will stay strong and make it through. I can’t wait to see photos of you and think…he really needs a diet!

From Carey:

Stay strong Kingston!  You can get through this. Everyone is pulling for you!

Carey, Deacon and Ruby

From Debby:
How could anyone, “seller” or “buyer” think this dog is ok? Oh my gosh, he is a sad, sad story. I wish all the best for him. When he makes it out of surgery and is a fantastic, healthy pooch, I hope a family takes him for good and gives him the love and care he has been lacking. Thank you ABR, again!!!

From Jess:

dear beautiful boy, How dare someone treat you that way. If i had you, i’d treat you like a “king”. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Id love to adopt you.

From Heather:

What a sad story – I’m hoping Kingston can pull through and gets better soon!  He looks like a wonderful dog. Get Better Kingston!

From Maria:

I was brought to tears when I saw these photos.  I can’t comprehend someone doing this to any animal.  I hope he pulls through this and finds a wonderful, loving home.

We’re sending puppy prayers your way dear little Kingston.  Hang in their little one… we’re pulling for you!

And sending out a a special prayer of thanks to your owners.  We thank them for loving Kingston enough to surrender him in order to get him the medical attention he so desperately needs.

Doggy Luv and prayers,
Boris, Brexton, Sophie and Tobey

From Kathy:

No worries now Kingston! you have so many wonderful people who are ready to help you get well. No more hard times buddy xo

Hey Kingston,
The Bullies wanted to let you know that they are pulling for you.  Blaze wishes she could give you a couple of her pounds, Bruschi is drooling for you and Hula is wiggling at the thought of you getting better.  Hopefully we’ll see you at the dog park soon!
Bruschi, Blaze and Hula

From Jenny:

Wishing you a speedy recovery, we are all praying for you!!!

From Holly:

Oh sweet little Kingston…our hearts are aching for you all the way in MN.  We will pray for your recovery.  Thank God for all the people who are watching over you, thinking of you and caring for you.  They truly are Angels!  Get well so you can find a forever home and have the spoils a sweet baby like you deserves!

From Mary:

Hang in there Kingston! Jack, Pumpkin, and I are pulling for you! Jack is sending tons of his puppy energy, and Pumpkin is sending her kisses.