Please Help with Clarabelle!

Posted: June 4th, 2010

Meet Clarabelle……

from Jodi: Clarabelle was bought by a family looking for a dog to breed. They got her at a discount because she was blind…nice deal (dripping with sarcasm)! They had her for a while living in their home with their male “stud” dog until one of their 7 kids became allergic and then she became an outside dog. When they discovered that she had not gone into heat, and they could not use her for their intended purpose, they decided to have her euthanized. Someone found out about it and offered to help find Rescue for her. So, we now have the honor and pleasure of of this hysterical, sweet, little girl.

Dr. Bergmann came for a house visit yesterday and believes that she will need both eyes removed. One has already ruptured.

Today we go to see Dr. B for bloodwork and to check for parasites. She is emaciated and her coat is dry and brittle. We will make an appt. with Dr. Glickstein the Opthomologist asap.

How a dog under 2 years old can look like this is disgusting. She looks like she is 10 years old.

It is going to be so rewarding to turn her into a chunky, shiny, soft and happy girl.



Clarabelle’s surgery will be expensive. Please consider helping this sweet little girl!

06/06/10- One thing that Jodi’s note didn’t mention- Clarabelle’s previous in-human was going to shoot her. He stated that he wished someone would save him the bullet.

Clarabelle’s Photo Album

Thank you!!!!

Patricia Sill
Sykesville, MD



From Heather:

Poor little Clarabelle.  She looks so sweet.  Luckily she’s been saved by one of ABR’s many rescue angels.  You guys are great and I hope Clarabelle gets the love she deserves.

From Julie:

What a beauty!  Sending lot’s of love and prayers your way Clarabelle.

You are the sweetest, cutest little snorty, smoosh-faced bully girl ever!  You greet everyone with a snort and a wiggle despite your horrible past.  Thank you to your rescue Angel who went out of her way to save such a PERFECT girl.  ABR will pamper you the way a bully girl should be.
Emily and Tim