Please help Mickens!

Posted: September 3rd, 2010

Mickens was surrendered to a shelter in NJ when his family was moving… I’m not so sure I believe this. I think he was turned into the shelter because he is in ton of pain. Mick has severe hip displaysia and 2 partially torn cruciate ligaments.

There is absolutely no muscle tone in his hind legs, he swaggers along and rests a lot. The sad thing is that he was available for adoption in this condition, so he could have gone home with a family who really had no financial means to take care of this.
Mickens is great with other dogs, pigs, and parrots. He deserves to play and live life to it’s fullest.Please help us raise the funds to have his much needed surgeries taken care of as soon as possible.


Please help us to raise the money for Mickens’ much needed surgeries. You can help via our donate button at the top right-hand side of the site or via ChipIn. We are forever thankful for your help.
08/25/10- He had his first Femoral head and neck ostectomy on his left leg on Thursday August 25th. He is in some pain and is trying to do a little bit of leash walking. We could really use some help because in 4-6 weeks he will need his other hip done.
09/03/10- Yesterday was a week since his surgery. He is using his leg a little more every day. He had acupuncture and muscle stimulation on Wednesday and the vet showed me 2 great exercises to do w/him a few times a day. He is doing great.
A heartfelt thanks goes out to the following folks:
Bobbie Gianguzzi
Kintnersville, PA
Lisa Woodward
Buckingham, PA
Judy West
Louisville, IL
Emily Day
Philadelphia, PA
Stephanie Yura
Boyertown, PA
Angelique Kuchta
Philadelphia, PA
Debby Cornacchia
Willowbrook, IL
Eileen Ritmiller
Bel Air, MD
David Fardon
Center Valley, PA
Tara Eisenhard
Harrisburg, PA
John Dicamillo
Falls Church, VA
Carly Hankins
Carneys Point, NJ
Tara Hackman
Lancaster, PA
Avery Amaya
Philadelphia, PA
Timothy Thomas
Lafayette, LA
Sharron Sample
Bowie, MD
Joseph Warnagiris
Hazleton, PA
Britney Roberts
Albuquerque, NM


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