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Posted: September 3rd, 2010

Mighty Magoo is only 2 years old, but the pain and suffering this sweet baby has endured in those two years is incomprehensible. Magoo has one of THE WORST cases of bilateral entropian we and our vets have ever seen. It is so painful for him to open his eyes (between the massive swelling, scarring, and of course his entire top and bottom row of eyelashes scratching against his eye with every blink) that Magoo cannot open them for more than a brief second once in a while- essentially making him blind. As if this wasn’t bad enough, someone watched him suffer all this time with no help and then left him at a crowded, high kill shelter in Orlando. Poor Magoo, terrified and in his darkness, huddled in his cage awaiting euthanasia, until ABR caught wind of his story. The vets at the shelter thought that his eyes could be missing because Magoo couldn’t open his eyelids wide enough to spot his eyes! Thank goodness that is NOT the case and with a special opthamologist consult and entropian surgery, Magoo should be able to see the world in no time! Please help this special boy to see how much he is loved! Magoo will send every donor a thank you note and updates as he goes!


08/25/10- (email from Carey) We just had to save this guy.  Below is what the vet at OCAS had to say about him.  Once again, we felt we had to give him a chance.  He’ll be moved to a vet tomorrow to start bringing down the swelling and prepare him for surgery.  He must have had a terrifying week at the shelter with barking and howling dogs that not only can he not see, but he has to be in tremendous pain.  Please keep him in your prayers.
Here’s what the vet said about this boy:
Per vet: The dog has excessive bilateral entropion of both the upper and lower eye lids.  The very large extent of the entropion is normally the result of the eye being removed, microphthalmia or the globe being ruptured.  The dog was very uncooperative at time of exam and would not hold the head still to allow for exam of the eyes so it is not known if the dog has eyes or not and if so perhaps microphthalmia or repute of the globes.  If there are normal eye behind the lids they are not being used as the eyes are closed all the time making the dog blind.  The dog is quite strong and it may take a sedative or light anesthesia to be able to examine the eyes. 

08/27/10- (email from his transporter to the vet) He’s a friendly guy, loves, loves to have his face and ears rubbed. Kept putting his big paw on my shoulder as I was driving and butting me with his head to make me keep rubbing his ears. I’m not sure if he’s deaf, may just be preoccupied with his painful eyes.  He did keep trying to see out the windshield and look at me.  Lots of slobbery kisses.  He may not have had much affection in his short life. Had a hard time getting him out of the dark car into the sunlight to take him inside the vets office.  Getting him into the dark car was easy….Lisa

08/30/10- (email from Kim- after visit to the vet’s office to take photos) Downright pitiful!!!!! The poor guy is just miserable. He wouldn’t sit still so the pictures aren’t too great. ALL he does is rub on his eyes (the left one is the worst) with his paws and rub his eyes on the ground/grass/dirt. It is heartbreaking! In between the rubbing and scratching of his eyes, he did give me several big wet kisses and licks all over my face. I took him some treats and a toy. He wasn’t interested- just kept rubbing his eyes. Really a sweet boy.

09/02/10- (email from Carey) Doc called me at 3:30 and it was the worst case he’d ever seen.  The right eye was so bad…..but Magoo opened his eyes (probably for the first time in at least 6 mos.) when he came out of surgery.  His eyes are very cloudy and scarred but he was a whole new dog when he went out to go potty today.  Everyone was so happy to see him ‘see’ again for the first time in a long time.  He’ll need to see an optham. soon to try to save a little more of his vision….Thanks so much Lisa.  You’re so wonderful for driving this smelly beast…..

09/03/10- (email from his new foster mom about the transport today) When Carol showed up, Magoo was in the passenger front seat and her friend was in the back. I asked “so he ranks the front?” and they said, he started in back and climbed to the front so the lady had to move.

09/07/10- Note from foster mom-  You can tell the cloudiness of his eyes is improving based on the more recent pics of him at my house. He is house broken it appears and loves attention. He eventually will lay down and relax but you can tell he is still trying to get a handle on his routine and surroundings. Poor boy has been through the ringer. He is great with the other dogs and has been around them on leash but tries to play – which is why we keep him on leash or alone so he doesn’t hurt his eyes. He is still trying to rub/scratch his eyes but its better than last week. He all in all is doing really well it appears and I know he will be happy when he feels normal and the cone can come off.

He should do well fostered about anywhere as he is sweet and laid back. He needs to gain some weight still. He likes toys and will climb on your lap if you let him. A quieter house would be great for him where he might get more time with humans with no worry of hurting his eyes. Or maybe just quieter other dogs who aren’t ready to wrestle. 

09/10/10- Note from Magoo’s foster mom:


I think his right eye is clearing! Tug will be able to tell when he gets here today since he has not seen him for a few days, it will be more obvious to him. I am also sending a couple cute pics of him cuddling on couch. He seems to learn easily. I have managed to teach him to not come in my bedroom bc its too small and he knocks into everything – he is like a wrecking ball with that cone. I just use my hands in the stop sign and he actually does. If I do the same sign but back and forth, he will back up to get out of my way like in a hallway. I think he is enjoying seeing bc he looks out window and barks at I have no idea what – this morning I think it was my flatbed trailer. LOL I dont think he was treated well bc he seems to flinch a lot like he is afraid to be hit. Even when I startle him like when he is sleeping, he never growls, bares teeth or anything. He is just a big lug baby.

ps- He is a sweetie. Funny thing just happened. I was taking off socks and he jumped a mile. I laughed at him thinking he figured out it was no big deal and took off 2nd one. He did same thing! Big baby is scared of socks.

09/13/10- note from Carey: Just got the great news from the ophthalmologist.  His vision is great.  The ophthalmologist said the surgery was beautifully done and was very impressed.  He had his stitches removed and must keep his eyes clear of dust, sand, dirt, etc. so he’s going to spend this week around the corner from me in Tampa before going back to the farm until I find an adopter or foster that’s committed to teaching him hand signals. But the best news of all….the vet says his temperment is awesome.  He’s such a good boy.  I’m so happy that we could save this big lug.



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