Please help Faith!!!!!

Posted: December 2nd, 2010

Oh my gosh….. I write this with tears in my eyes. What a horrific week or so it’s been with this situation.

ABR took in a mother and her 8 puppies a couple of weeks ago. Much to our shock and complete utter horror, the puppies started dying one by one…. and it happened very quickly. Of the 8, there are 3 left.


The mother, Nikki, is a complete basket case with the loss of her puppies and their foster mom, Liz, is a train wreck as she’s watched this tragedy unfold and lived it on a daily basis. Liz has had her vet (who, by the way, makes house calls) to her home almost every single day and the pups are on medication. 

We learned, again much to our shock and complete horror, that the mother was vaccinated (injected with live viruses) by the shelter just 6 days before she gave birth to the babies. We are mortified and deeply saddened that a shelter would do this.

Jodi received a call today from Liz that one of the puppies was really sick this morning and was having difficulty breathing. She’s the white one in the middle and we have named her Faith.

Faith is currently in an emergency hospital…. in an oxygen tank, where she will remain for at least a couple of days while they try to make her better. The emergency clinic gave Jodi an estimate of $1,700 ($500/day for the oxygen tank + the costs for tests). This, in addition to the vet bills already incurred for the puppies, we estimate it all to be around $2,500.

We’ve set up a ChipIn for Faith. For now, only the picture is there. Our Facebook Extraordinaire (and resident writer), Debby Jane, is working on a more detailed writeup for Faith (she had to work late tonight). You can also donate to help Faith via the Paypal button to the top right of our site.

We know it’s the Holiday Season and money is tight now but won’t you please consider donating to help save Faith? If you’re unable to contribute, we understand that too. Please send your prayers and well wishes for this little one and keep the other 2 (praying that they don’t get sick) and their mom (praying that she knows that everyone is doing all that they can to save her babies) in your thoughts as well.

12/04/10- Faith has pneumonia. The doctor felt that she’s stable enough to be released from emergency care. She was picked up today and is back with her foster mom but she will need follow up care. Are these not the sweetest pictures you’ve ever seen?



12/11/10- Our little girl Faith is doing just great!!!!! We’ve added a photo album of her, her mom Nikki, and her little brother ans sister.


Thank you everyone. We SO appreciate you!



A HUGE heartfelt Thank You to the following people:

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