Petey Whitesox Bannerman’s Happy Tale

Posted: May 16th, 2011

Hi Jodi, just wanted to check in with you all at the Bulldog rescue and let you know that Charlie aka Petey Whitesocks is doing great. I attached a couple of photos for you all. I will be sending more in the next few days. Charlie is a great dog and a fantastic animal. He weighs in at about 70 lbs now and he’s all energy! All he wants to do is play all day long. He’s got many other doggie friends and loves to chase and run and just be around them. He loves to swim in the canal and any water he can get into. It’s quite surprising how good of a swimmer he is. He also has a little dachsund brother now whom he loves to death. His favorite game to play is chewing on Sonnies (the dachsund) ears. He could do it for hours! He’s in great health and we enjoy walks every day and night and running around through the woods in at the state park nearby. Thanks again for bringing this wonderful animal into my life.