Peanut Butter’s Happy Tail

Posted: December 30th, 2008
Meet Peanut Butter  
This is Peanut Butter when she was first rescued 
And this is Peanut Butter now 


Hey Jodi,
We just wanted to send along all of the good news, Peanut Butter has settled in quite nicely.  She is loving the family, yard, house and believe it or not even Lola (the English Bulldog) and her are kissing cousins.  They play-run-wrestle all day then they nap and snore together.  The kids love her like she has been here for years, even though it has only been a few months.  We could not be happier with her and your organization. 

On the health news, great news is her mange is completely gone 2 scrapings and nothing!!!  Her hair is all grown back and she is beautiful. I want to thank you and your network of volunteers who saved her and the hundreds of dogs like her.
Kevin & Ilene

The pics are on the way!! So glad to hear that you know PB, she is doing unbelievably well.  As you know she is the sweetest thing and I can not state enough how much we love her and kiss her hug her take her for walks ect…  her big butt (now 80 LBS and rising) sleeps in our bed with us AND Lola (75 lbs).

Here you will see PB in all states of happiness, sleeping next to Jackson in the basement, laying with her dog cousin Lola, her sister Sophia (on the landing in the sunlight, and playing on the floor) sleeping on our down comforter and fleece sheets living the life of luxury.
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Note 1- Peanut Butter can also be seen in the video on our Home page.
Note 2- Peanut Butter suffered from a VERY treatable type of mange that an irresponsible human let go untreated.
Note 3- Peanut Butter has a very special place in the heart of the webprincess for this site.