Payton- In Memoriam

Posted: January 20th, 2010

December 8, 2009
Payton passed away December 8, 2009. She was only 3.5 years old. It was sudden, she experienced severe seizures that day that took her life. Her first and other only seizure was Thanksgiving night; and after many tests, the doctors assumed by symptom elimination that it was “Epilepsy”. Well, what we would find out on December 8th, was that she was one of the 5% that didn’t. Rare cases do exist; and if you have the money, spare no expense to find out. I wish we would have.

Payton was energetic, funny, vocal, and very athletic! She would do what we called these ‘psycho runs’ in the front yard in and out of all the trees; she left a trail of dust in her wake! She loved to bark at the squirrels, chase runaway hula hoops, and steal toys and bones from her older AB brother Dozer. Dozer let her harass him every day; he loved her so much! She would bring me every toy from her toy box when I was working from home. I probably kissed her 100 times a day. She adored my husband Pete; she would lick his face forever!

We miss our pretty girl. It’s so quiet here now. But we think she comes to visit us from the Other Side! We contacted an Animal Communicator, and she said she hangs out around “two stools in the kitchen” (where there’s one of their dog beds), and she said Dozer watches her walk up and down ‘a long runner rug’ in our Great Room. For what it’s worth; it made us feel better; knowing she crossed over, she’s happy, and she said she wants to come back to us soon! And just the other night, Pete and I BOTH watched Dozer’s eyes following ‘something’ onto the empty spot on the couch. It was weird! What was he looking at? 🙂

Rest In Peace my little angel. See you someday!

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