Panda’s Happy Tail

Posted: December 9th, 2008


Panda is the funniest dog I have ever met.  He makes us laugh every day!  He loves to play with his toys, sleep in our bed and snuggle under the covers. He loves the park, the beach, rides in the car, food, and treats. He is a typical bully type dog, and as you know only gets along with very submissive dogs, lucky for us he seems to accept all of the other dogs in our extended family.  He recently spent the weekend with his new cousin Lou (who was also rescued by American Bulldog Rescue) and they were great together. Panda is now 4 years old and he was rescued at 1 day old. He had to be hand fed and then had several health issues.  After a rough beginning his health issues are now controlled by a special diet and his cataracts are stable.  We consider ourselves to be very lucky to have Panda in our lives. His story is truly a success story because I am sure without the care he received from the American Bulldog Rescue, Panda would not be in our lives today, in fact he would never have survived at all.  We are truly grateful!

Rachael, Jeff and family

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