Panda- In Memorium

Posted: January 21st, 2011


05/01/04 – 01/21/11


A special note from ‘Aunt’ Jodi:

I really hope that Panda knew how funny he was and how he made me laugh every morning. Sometimes he was in a funny mood, alot of times he was in a bad mood because he didn’t like getting up so early but  no matter what mood he was in he was entertaining, the bad moods made us love him more just because. I don’t think I have ever met a a dog or person for that matter who had such a unique “thing” going on. 

May 1st  2004  Panda came into this world and was “special” he had alot of health issues and was the smallest of a litter of 11 from a hoarding case in NJ. Lucky for him the Klaus family stepped in to take care of all of his needs couldn’t part with his specialness. His mom Rachael was his world, Eric and Emma his human brother and sister were his best friends although he hated the music lessons, he didn’t mind playing Barbie. His dad Jeff  was thrown off the bed or forced to sleep on a sliver of it most nights but he never complained.

I was told that I was his second favorite person, his first was Grammy Sue who spoiled him rotten and taught him a bad thing or two.  I know that we will all think of him every day and miss his exceptional personality.  Panda is in Heaven entertaining everyone and hopefully meeting up with some old friends and family. 

Panda’s photo album