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Posted: May 6th, 2011

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Here we are with a new look, and just in time for summer! The summer is a wonderful time, many of you may be on the site looking to adopt or foster a dog. Like us, dogs enjoy summer! They enjoy walks in the park, relaxing under a tree, playing in the yard with the kids or a run on a cool summer evening alongside you helping you to stay fit! Whatever your reasons we welcome you to become one of our friends! we are always busy trying to find our dogs the loving home they so deserve, and summer is an especially busy time… without your help none of this would be possible. Please open your hearts and your home, it is such a rewarding experience. Finn and clarabelle are just a couple of the stories we always like to share. Finn aka Stinky 1 was found out in a backyard along with his brother in the middle of winter trying to stay alive under their mama who died from exposure. Finn endured a leg amputation and lots of emotional healing while in the care of a foster family that later adopted him. He now enjoys a new life and is very much loved. His foster family were inspired to continue fostering and helping dogs like him. Clarabelle was bought by a family looking for a dog to breed. They got her at a discount because she was blind…nice deal (dripping with sarcasm)! They had her for a while living in their home with their male “stud” dog until one of their 7 kids became allergic and then she became an outside dog. When they discovered that she had not gone into heat, and they could not use her for their intended purpose, they decided to have her euthanized. Someone found out about it and offered to help find Rescue for her. Cindy was tied up in front of a NYC shelter defeated with no life left in her. Merle was pulled from a shelter in GA, he is totally blind. Mojito was found in a shelter 1 day old and Pudgey lived on a chain her entire life. We Thank You for visiting the site and look forward to new relationships for a great cause! If you are not ready to adopt or foster then please consider a donation. Please keep in mind, for every ONE dog adopted, up to three more are saved from a terrible life none of them deserve! They depend on us,so thank you for allowing us to depend on you! Thank you and please share in our efforts with your family and friends, we appreciate you!

You can volunteer to foster by completing our volunteer application (link at the top).


Thank you from Finn, Clarabelle, Cindy, Merle, Mojito and Pudgy

Thank you to to helping:
Your donations and purchases will help with all of our “special needs” now and in the future.

On to the dogs….
We had a GREAT WEEK! Thank you so much everyone and we hope you all have a great week!

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Jefferson is a sweet unique boy who is around 2-3 years old. He came from a high kill shelter after the time was up. We think Jefferson had limited positive interactions with people. Initially he was very stand offish and would not respond to any talk, touch, or love you tried to give him. He’s come a long way and will give you kisses and sit in your lap for pets and praises. Jefferson is believed to be a cross between american bulldog and alapaha blue blood bulldog. He is very intelligent and typical of the breed, has a high prey drive. Because of this, it’s best if Jefferson is an only dog. Jefferson would be best for a home with bulldog experience as he can be stubborn and persistent. He does learn very quickly and is eager to please. I am in FL.

Hi! I’m Cannolli! I’m so glad I came to Maryland – the nice people at AB Rescue helped me put on some weight and I found my happy again! I LOVE meeting new people! I wag my tail in a circle and wiggle my whole body! I met three little girls and I loved them! I sat nicely while they petted and hugged me. I know how to sit, but it takes me a little while to settle down when I meet new people.What can I say, I’m getting my groove back! I’ve been hanging out at the AB kennel in Port Deposit for a while now waiting for my forever home. Maybe because I’m smaller people are overlooking me? I promise if you give me a chance, I will be your loyal companion forever! I am in MD 

Remember the 4 beauties that came in together as “strays” but were amazingly bonded….hmmm. Well Rainbow and Sheriff went to Texas and Duke and Rambo remained in Florida. Duke and Rambo were finally sprung from boarding and have a wonderful foster mamma that couldn’t believe the ease of introducing 2 more dogs to their 2 other dogs. They are that good and well behaved. Bo came to us from a high kill shelter, as part of a group of 4. He’s a stunning bulldog who has wonderful AB physical traits (extremely muscular- large build) as well as alot of the typical personality traits…he is VERY proud and quite stubborn when he wants to be. He is very loving and sweet though and likes to be the center of attention. Bo seems to be happiest as an only dog. I am hanging out in Tamarac, FL
Tango is approx. 2-3 years old and is such a fantastic boy! He definitely had a Guardian Angel watching over him when his GREAT (not good-GREAT) samaritan literally saved his life.
She witnessed him falling into a canalin Florida at midnight. She convinced 2 guys to jump in and save him. This was the first miracle in this sweet boys life. He was very lucky that an alligator didn’t snatch him. He’s also very lucky Patty was there because most American Bulldogs don’t swim and will sink like a rock. His second miracle is Patty herself. Patty has taken great care of Tango and got him all fixed up and delivered to our boarding facilty until a foster home opens up for this wonderful guy.Tango is going to be a big boy and now weighs a skinny 80+ lbs. I expect him to reach 90-100 easily. He pays no attention to other dogs or cats and just wants to be with people and LOVED. He obeys commands and just wants to please everyone.Tango is located in Hawthorne, FL.

Baby is a 5 year old who has had it really rough. She was turned into a shelter with a Bishon and absolutely LOVES other dogs, pigs and people. She is slightly arthritic in her hips and knees so she will not be a walking companion but she does love strolling around in the grass. Baby could use a retirement home who will keep her on some suppliments for her arthritis and tell her how pretty she all day (she loves that!). 

She can do steps and get into a car and adores car rides, hanging out with the other dogs and long naps.

Baby is in PA


Goliath is a good boy who just had bad luck. He came from GA and if he had a family, they just didn’t take care of him. Skinny and weak he is now getting the care he needs. Goliath is good with other dogs and great in the car. He has lived with kids ages two and up and is perfect!

He is loved by everyone who meets him because his southern charm shines. He could really use a family who will appreciate his charming personality. He is currently in PA.

Goliath’s photo album

Daisy here! I wanted to update everyone on my progress. Ive had the first of my two surgeries to help me live a pain free life. Thank you to everyone who was able to help me begin my dream of being pain free. Since my surgery my progress hasnt been the fastest, so said the vet, but I work hard. My foster mommy and daddy are impressed with my rehab, even though I can be stubborn. They help me with rehab by taking me for lots of walks and I return their generosity by walking wonderfully on the leash. 

Oh yea, I almost forgot to tell you where I am.
Im in sunny and HOT Florida .

HI! I’m Piper and trust me, I am super happy, fun, love my tennis balls & rides in the truck, and most of all I love my people and my doggie buddies. I play nice with kids and other big dogs but, not so good with cats ( they’re really fun to chase though). My foster family said my obedience is coming along nicely and I am working hard at being a good girl. I guess I won’t get away with my good looks all my life so I better shape it up. I know sit, wait, and come and
we are working hard on my kennel training. I am still a bit of a work in progress but I am soooo worth it, after all I’m still a puppy. I’m very thankful for lots of love, good food, and tons of belly rubs and even though I’m tan and
white, I promise you I am true blue!
What a doll! LadyBug is a 12 month old stunner who loves people and can never get enough. She has been attending obedience class and sits before you are finished saying it, her butt is on the ground. LadyBug comes when you call her and is completely house trained. She is great with people of all ages…she is picky about her dog friends because she really likes to be the boss but is not dog aggressive. She is easily walked past other dogs.
Please see her complete listing in PA

Mojo has turned into one of the most stunning and lovely buldogs ever! She is living in Louisana with her amazing foster mom Mary who has done an amazing job with her physical therappy and with her sister Pumpkin who Mo just adores. Mo is housetrained she is finished with her surgeries and she is ready to make one really lucky family very happy.

Mojo’s photo album

Eve is a total love bug. She will sit in your lap just to get some lovin’ and give kisses. Loves to be wherever I am at. She is housebroken and crate trained and turning into a Beluga whale while waiting for her forever home….lol  

Please go to Eve’s ‘adoptable’ site in Florida for more information on this little sweetie.

PERCELLA is just 12 months old now and was found virtually blind. Her eye lids turned under and she wouldn’t open her eyes since it hurt her so much. She has since had surgery and can see, a whole new world opened up for her and she’s like a BABY. She loves to play and always has a sqeaky toy in her mouth. She treats her toys with much respect and handles them gently. She’s very frightened of new things and people but will warm up after a time. She needs lots of socialization but she’s a joy to watch since she’s so very playful and discovers new things every day and once she knows you will become your good friend.She was most likely a back yard breeders dog who saw her problem eyes and just left her outside to fend for herself. She finally escaped and was found at the young age of 7 months by the ACO and when brought to the shelter, she was skin and bones, had mange on her upper body from trying to dig her way out (which she did) and of course couldn’t see. She’s now a beautiful, healthy and sweet girl but still afraid of her own shadow but she Loves, just Loves others dogs, especially male dogs. She needs someone with the time and energy to work with her and who has another male dog and a fenced in yard. She also loves to go for car rides so she can see the world.

New Arrivals:

How can you resist this face? Well we couldn’t. Little Julie is a small girl and still needs to gain some weight but is just as loving and sweet as she can be.
I’m so happy that Sun Kiva Kennels had room to take her in. She’s been spayed and vaccinated and can’t wait to find someone to love her furever!
Julie is located in Hawthorne, FL until a foster home becomes available.

Lindsay was rescued from a shelter in Maryland. She is safe in her foster home with Lis and her cats and dog so she will recieve alot of love and socialization. Lindsay is located in MD.

Grace is a lovable, laid back girl. She was very shy and timid when she came to stay with us. After a few days she began to trust us and came right out of her shell. Grace moved into the house and you could tell right away that she had been a house dog at one time. She has all of the manners and is house-broken (only a few accidents the first couple of days as we learned her needs and she learned us). Her tail now wags all the time and she is a happy girl. She loves other dogs and is excited whenever she gets to play with our neighbors dogs. We also have 4 cats that she loves. She loves to play chase with them – sometimes it’s hard to tell who is chasing who!! Grace is a lap baby. She is content to sit in my lap or beside me as long as she is being loved on. Grace has her own bed but she doesn’t mind sleeping with my son in his bed. (He doesn’t mind either). We will miss Grace – she has stolen our hearts – but we know that there is a wonderful forever home waiting for her!! Grace resides in NC.

Grace’s photo album


Rusty is cool. Rusty knows he is cool. At 18 month he went from being an adorable puppy who was allowed to do whatever he liked because it was probably very cute and very funny …to a 100 + pound puppy who doesn’t understand why anyone it telling him what to do! Lucky for Rusty his foster dad is an amazing trainer and he is learning how to do everything he is supposed to without a treat. He is good with submissive female dogs and amazing with people.

He is housebroken and crate trained. He does not chew or ruin anything, when left alone and will go to his new family with training classes for life. He is located near Quakertown PA.


Well Lydia, Lydia is in Florida and great with other dogs and spectacular with children! Please look her up on our Florida Petfinder page.  

Happy Tails:

Sugar LOVES everyone. She lives with children and a female Boxer mix. She came to us from Alabama with her 6 pups. Her pups have all found homes and Sugar is ready to find her forever family. She is so good on a leash that a 3 year old can walk her! She is great with cats too! She is all love all day.  

Please consider making her a part of your family. I am in PA

Gremmy has found his amazing forever home 

with a previous adopter and their AB Dolly.

Gremelin’s new special name is Gremmy Thumper Peterson! Here he is with his new Momma Linda

I just wanted to drop a quick note to let you
know that Snowball a.k.a. Emmais doing well.
I spent all day Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
with her and Suki to make sure that she
transitions well to the new environment and
also to reinforce the housebreaking work that
you all so kindly did. She has been doing well.
We had her checked out by our vet, who said
that she was well muscled and in good health
overall. Our vet thinks she will be about 70 lbs
in another two months, so her and Suki will be
about the same size. She seems happy playing
with Suki and going out in the back yard.
We have taken her for a few walks with Suki and
they are learning to walk together side by side.
She is currently teething, so is chewing on
everything she can get her paws on.
And she still struggles at times with following
the hand signals, but she is learning fast.
She snores like a champ and snorts a lot,
but our vet says that is common inAmerican
bulldogs. All in all she is in good health and
good spirits and she is well loved.
Jackson has waited what seemed like forever to find his forever family and now his wait is finally over!!! Jackson has endured ALOT in his life. He was treated for heartworms and looked over time and time again because he is deaf. 

Lucky family.Lucky Jackson!!!

We are so happy for both!


Thought you might want some recent
pictures of Bella (formerly India) . She is
doing great and filling in quickly as the
pictures show. At this point she knows she
runs the show, and I busted her on the
ottoman this morning, she looked SO
guilty it was kinda funny. I guess that is
her spot when I’m gone and she is at
the door every day when i get home.
I can’t thank you enough again for her,
she is the perfect puppy for me. Here
she is with her best buddy Barney .




5-1-2011: 5th annual “Bark at the Park” on Sunday, May 1, 2011 at 1:00pm.
For more information and to purchase tickets visit Trenton Thunder’s Website. <>5-21-2011: 3rd Annual “Show and Shine” Car Show! at Trinity UCC on Saturday, May, 21st 9am till 3pm 1990 Rt. 212, Quakertown, PA 18951

(Rain Date Sat. May 28)

5-22-2011: “Newtown Welcome Day on Sunday, May, 22nd Street Fair with Flair
Sycamore St., Newtown, PA 18940 Great Food, Arts and Music.

Awesome photo:

Dolly comes for the ride to meet new brother Gremelin. She finds her same old spot
from 2 years ago. She loves Gremmy allready but hates his squeaky toys.

Bacon making Baby feel at home