Nathan’s Happy Tail

Posted: January 16th, 2009


Hi Jodi,

Hope you and your family had a great time over the holidays.  And everyone and everything is well.

Think I told you that I had Nathan’s heart checked and blood drawn again to check his health.  Had wanted to have his teeth cleaned — back ones are okay but front ones are bad with lots of tartar and inflamation. Unfortunately,  he has a heart murmur and kidneys are not in best of shape so anesthesia is too risky. Vet did put him on enalapril to help both his kidneys and heart. I also have him on some supplements too (L-carnitine, milk thistle, tummeric, flax seed oil, R-lipoic acid). Have had my corso on these for some time as the anti-convulsants she’s on to manage seizures, also cause damage to liver and kidneys.   They’ve helped her so am hoping they help Nate, too. For his teeth, am trying to brush them with antibacterial, anti-tartar stuff.  His tolerance level for that is low so am able to brush 1-2 teeth at a time before he runs out of patience.  He’s never nasty about it, just very insistent that he’s had enough. It’s tough to brush a moving target. Am trying daily but it takes about a week to get them all.

There is good news, too.  Took him back to vet last week for 1-mth follow-up.   Possible side-effects of the enalapril are low blood-pressure, loss of appetite, weight loss and loss of energy. Vet said his blood pressure is very good and he’s still gaining weight. He’s 140 lbs ! And I think his energy level is good, too. Also, his skin and coat are looking so good. Think he finally realizes that he’s home for good and won’t be abandoned. Still usually follows me from room to room, but no longer panics when I go out the door. At first, he’d throw himself at the door and try to stick that basketball-sized head through the opening. Now when I tell him to “stay” he just stands in the foyer and watches me walk out the door.

Tried to get a cute pix of him with a santa clause hat.  He didn’t want any part of it.  Immediately knocked it off and started chewing it. Got him a new bed for Christmas — and that he LOVES, as you can see. Was easy to get a pix of him with that.  Have also included a shot of him during one of his twice-daily after meal naps. He sleeps using his food bowl as a pillow.  He’s such a hoot. And still such a sloppy eater. That’s why there’s big towels around him.

Well, am bringing Nate back for another follow-up appmt next month. The vet will draw blood again so we can check his kidneys.  Will let you know how he’s doing.

He’s such a sweet, silly boy and he brings me much happiness.  Thanks again for bringing him into my life.

Take care,

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