Nathan- In Memoriam

Posted: May 15th, 2010



February, 2010


Hi Jodi,
It’s been such a long time since we talked. Am writing with some very sad news about our sweet boy Nathan. Am sharing this by email only because I can’t  talk about it all without breaking down. Baby-boy’s liver and kidneys began to shutdown last week and he passed away peacefully at home, in my arms, with the help of his kind caring vet. He was such a sweet, loving, goofy boy. I miss him terribly. Knew there was a ticking clock because of his health but had hoped to have more time with him. 

I also lost my sweet Swissy boy, Brodhi 6 months ago.  He was diagnosed with histiocytic sarcoma which was very aggressive and didn’t respond to chemo. Nate was so kind to Brodhi. He would lay next to him — never wanting to leave his side.    He and I were with Brodhi when he passed — also at home, in my arms with the help of his vet. Brodhi and my late husband, Norm were such buddies. The more ill Norm became, the more attentive Brodhi became. Loosing Brodhi was also like loosing another connection to my Norm. Norm passed away also at home and in my arms, 2 years next week. 

I so miss them — it’s like there is a big hole in my heart.

Thanks for bringing our special boy, Nathan into my life. 

Take care,

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