Moses & Jenny’s Happy Tail

Posted: September 17th, 2010




Hi Carey

The dogs are awesome!  They are finally starting to settle in and get more comfortable with their surroundings (e.g., we no longer have 2 white shadows following us EVERYWHERE!!).  They haven’t had an accident in the house and are very well behaved dogs.  Jenny’s loss of hearing has not really been an issue either – all of her other senses are so elevated that sometimes I swear, she really can hear…..just chooses to make you think she can’t! 

We took them to our block party last night and everyone loved them.  They truly did get along with men, women, children, and the other 4-legged furries.  We were not sure if Jenny would get along with the other dogs (they were all females, too) – there had been a couple of incidents on our walks where she barked and growled at passing dogs – but she was totally fine!

We have had a couple of health issues with them…..Moses has had hot spots (ugh!!) so we changed his food to the fish and potato and he went on a hunger strike.  No fish for that boy.  We put him on Orijen Regional Red and he loves it… problems yet….fingers crossed.  Jenny, is still HUGE!  We are feeding her 2 cups of food a day – and she is finally starting to show some weight reduction.  The thyroid medication has not helped with her weight, unfortunately……but, she is not constantly panting anymore and has more energy.  A couple of weeks ago though she did something to her back leg.  Wasn’t putting pressure on it – her knee was really swollen, etc.  We stopped walking her, kept her off the stairs, etc. and it has gotten better but I want the vet to look at it when we go to get her thyroid levels tested next Saturday.  I am paranoid that she tore her CCL…..I am really hoping not.

Anyway – things are good here.  We really love the dogs – couldn’t ask for better puppies.  We are planning to come to Florida for Christmas and New Years and will be bringing the dogs.  Hopefully you will get a chance to see them then.  Also – I haven’t forgotten about the happy tail – I will work on that.

Talk to you soon!

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