Momma & Babies on the Way!

Posted: November 12th, 2009
We have received a couple of emails on these babies today. They were NOT put down- ABR is taking them. The Momma and babies will be available for adoption in 4-5 weeks. If you are interested in one of them, please complete an adoption application. Also, while babies are the cutest things on the planet, please consider the momma or one of our older dogs as well. They too have so much to offer a loving family.

Sent: Wednesday, November 11, 2009 12:25 PM
Subject: Fwd: Please crosspost momma and pups to die this Friday, Nov 13, if not pulled by Thur. 4 pm Newnan, GA
This momma and her pups will die Friday morning if they are not pulled by Thur 4 p.m.  Look at the precious little pups, way to young to die.

11/12/09- ABR is taking them. They will go into quarantine for 2 weeks and then be transported and in ABR’s care.
As an aside note (from the webprincess)- We are desperate for help, both financially and physically. We need foster homes (any locations would be great- we can do transports) and money to pay for all of these beautiful creatures. I am overwhelmed at the alarming number of emails that ABR is getting from both owners wanting to surrender their dogs and shelters that are at complete capacity wanting help to save these dogs from a horrible fate. And I don’t personally see but just a few of the emails…. lately 10 or 12 a day. Jodi’s inbox is barely manageable. It seems to be getting much worse over the past few days. With the economy being as it is, our donations are down and so are the adoptions. There’s just no place to put them all. Please, I would encourage you to help us in any way that you can to help keep up the fight to save these most innocent victims.