Milo’s Happy Tail

Posted: January 13th, 2009


We adopted out American Bulldog, Milo, December of 2008. Was there life without him? Like many of the success stories we consider ourselves to be the ones blessed that we adopted Milo! We all love him immensely! He is incredibly smart, smarter than most humans and much more loving! We have four girls, altogether there are 6 of us and if we have gone out, when we come home, he will not settle or go outside to do his business until he greets each one of us and makes sure we are all here. When any of us aren’t feeling good, he doesn’t want to leave our sides. He has never been anything but amazing to us. Our 7 year old daughter has taught him to sit, hand her his paw, roll over, stay. He adores her! As you can tell, we are madly in love with Milo and are very greatful for all the work that you all do for the dogs that you save!
I have attached a picture of our handsome boy!
The Corrigan Family
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