Mercy and Loyalty

Posted: August 27th, 2011

As I sit in wait of hurricane Irene I find myself thinking about all of the animals who are helplessly wandering around out there and who will be in harms way during the terrible storm. I’d like to share a story about a mama dog named Mercy and her nine little pups. Mercy was found in Georgia hiding under a trailer home and then moved to a shed. A very concerned neighbor contacted ABR realizing that it was too hot and they wouldn’t survive in a shed during summer in Georgia. Thankfully we were able to rescue them and they are being cared for now. We thank everyone who has taken part in helping them to be cared for! Sadly, we just learned that Mercy has been diagnosed with heartworm and Erlichia. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for her to try and care for nine babies while feeling weak and ill! The babies are only about 3-4 weeks old and they need the nurturing from their mama for a while longer. The beginning of new life is a delicate time between new moms and babies, feeding, loving, teaching to play nice, and a genuine feeling of security that only a mother can instill. While we look forward to the puppies growing and becoming ready for leaving their mama we need to focus on Mercy getting well and giving her the love and support she needs during this time. Being a new mom can be so draining, couple that with having disease in your body that can hinder the ability to function normally. We really need to make extra efforts to reduce the number of homeless dogs and educate the public about breeding and the importance of spaying and  neutering pets. We owe it to the helpless mama dogs and their newborns to provide shelter, food, and the comforts needed to allow them to thrive. The bond between a mother and her babies is the foundation for healthy little ones, so essential and must be protected. Please be a part of something so beautiful and rewarding, helping a mother and her babies.
It doesn’t get any more visceral than that!   Thank you Betsy, Bert and Carey; pilots Jeff, Jim and Jack and to Mercy’s helpers Wendy, Ricky and Amber Take care, Trish

Don’t litter. Spay & neuter your pets. Unknown Author

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We will really miss Catfish RIP funny boy.

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We Need Foster Homes:

Topper is a WHOPPER a BIG baby 4 year old American Bulldog, who has lived with three other dogs and is good with them, does not like cats. Friendly, good with kids, does not like scented sprays, loves to
play in the water. He loves to eat, barks when he doesn’t get his way. He is 15 – 20 lbs underweight and should end up at about 85-90 pounds. Topper needs a foster home, he is in our MD kennel.
You have no idea what you are missing! Chopper is a 1 year old who is the life of the party! He loves people and other dogs and is just so so so ready to be a part of a family. Chopper is in boarding in Maryland.
Begging : Pugslie needs a foster home! Pugslie is about 6 years old. He is a lovable boy who prefers to be the only pet. He does not like cats and small children scare him. He has only 6 teeth, but eats very well. He has skin allergies, but is on medication. He is now HW-. He is neutered and up to date on his vaccines. His foster parents are moving and he has no where to go. He gets very depressed when he is alone as he loves people and will become very attached to whoever gives him love and attention. Won’t you please help him
Jefferson is PERFECT with dogs, cats, PERFECT in the house and all this after coming from a living HELL. He was saved at the last second from euthanasia in a Louisiana shelter. Emaciated and battling against all of the emotional damage this level of longstanding abuse can cause. Some, like Jefferson, instead completely shut down as their way to cope. We know for certain that Jefferson’s case was one of the very worst. As his wounds slowly healed, we (Jefferson and a huge crew of dedicated staff) worked very hard with an incredible trainer to help Jefferson reintegrate or maybe even just integrate for the first time, into what would be his new life. He would stand emotionless as you pet, touched, talked to him. I’m very happy to say that this is no longer the case…at ALL!!! Jefferson has made a complete turn around and relishes people attention. He will come sit all 100+ lbs of himself on your lap, smoosh his wonderful droopy bulldog lips on your face (because he doesn’t just kiss, he makes a full facial commitment) and just enjoy being with you. He likes to be in the company of other dogs, walks spectacularly on lead, has been a wonderful house guest at his fabulous foster home- he has made us so very proud! . If you think you are worthy of this incredible, beautiful, majestic, kind, gentle, smooshy, drooly love muffin please send in an application. Jeff has fought so very hard, now he just needs his “happy tail”! Jefferson and the kids playing video
Tahnee‘s life did not get off to the best start. Living in a fenced in cow pasture with her mom and brother for the first 6 months of her life is not how we picture the idyllic life of a cute little puppy. She missed all the fun things to do and see that most puppies get to experience. When you meet most dogs, you are greeted with a wiggly tail and probably some big sloppy kisses. When you meet this beautiful girl, you’ll be looking at her from across the room. She is slow to trust new people, but let me tell you. Once she does, she is the most amazing dog you’ll ever meet. She is warm and snuggly, playful, and full of life. She will go for walks with her tail held high and do play bows with you with abandon. If you have the time and love to give, please consider making your home Tahnee’s forever home.
Mima ia a laid back beautiful princess. She is just a lovely soul who needs a forever or foster home. She does know some tricks and seems to be house trained. We are so so full and Mima is just sitting in a boarding kennel waiting for her turn to get into a family environment and get to show a lucky family what it is like to be loved by a Bulldog! Mima is in the DE/MD area. 

SPECIAL NEEDS: Poor Tulip was confiscated from a hoarding situation. She is not in the best shape. She was living in a filthy home with 8 other dogs and a lot of reptiles. Tulip has some eye issues and was seen by a regular vet, has been getting drops which have not been enough. She will be heading to the Opthomologist as soon as we can get her an appointment. She could really use a foster home. She is in boarding where is getting her drops but she needs alot of loving. She is like a little stuffed animal, very snuggly and rather calm. She is located in Bucks County, PA.
Fancy was found by some kids and then picked up by animal control. She had really bad fly strike on her ears and is a bit thin. She so sweet she had to have been someones pet at some point. She’s around 2 years old. Fancy knows she is gorgeous and does not like other dogs sharing her spotlight. So, she would have to be worshiped as the only k9 in the home.
Sierra loves other dogs, she loves cats and she is calm and low-key. Sierra had a really rough life and really needs a foster family to show her what love is all about! “a beauty queen in training”. She is just lovely! 


Doesn’t Tango look wonderful? He’s had his eyes fixed and been neutered and now the only thing he’s waiting for is his very own home! Tango is approx. 2-3 years old and is such a fantastic boy! He definitely had a Guardian Angel watching over him when his GREAT (not good-GREAT) samaritan literally saved his life.
She witnessed him falling into a canal in Florida at midnight. She convinced 2 guys to jump in and save him. This was the first miracle in this sweet boys life. He was very lucky that an alligator didn’t snatch him. He’s also very lucky Patty was there because most American Bulldogs don’t swim and will sink like a rock. His second miracle is Patty herself. Patty has taken great care of Tango and got him all fixed up and delivered to our boarding facility until a foster home opens up for this wonderful guy. Tango is going to be a big boy and now weighs a skinny 80+ lbs. I expect him to reach 90-100 easily. He pays no attention to other dogs or cats and just wants to be with people and LOVED. Tango is located in Hawthorne, FL.


Sweet and wonderful Daisy has waited a very, very long time and hasn’t had one single person interested in making her a part of their home forever. I had the pleasure of spending the entire day with her yesterday (her foster family has to move out of state) while bringing her to a new foster home and shopping at Petsmart for a new bed and manicure and then lunch at a wonderful Mexican restaurant. She greeted her new foster family with wiggles and smiles and lots and lots of hugs and kisses. They are absolutely smitten with Daisy as is every person that stopped to tell her how beautiful and well behaved she was. Daisy truly is an easy going and fabulous dog. I don’t understand why no one wants to adopt her.
She’ll never be anyone’s jogging partner but seeing her greet you at the door with a huge smile and lots of wiggles is so much better in my eyes. She really is the perfect dog.

LQQK there are no more bones! Roxy is gaining lots of weight!
Roxy Meet Roxy! She was living with a homeless gentleman after an area tire shop closed the doors and no longer wanted her. Roxy is adjusting well in her new foster home. At just 1 ½ years old, Roxy was Heartworm Positive and about 20 lbs underweight, but is getting stronger each day. Though she’s had a rough patch, you would never know from her gentle and loving personality. She loves to play fetch, knows simple commands, and is friendly with other dogs. Roxy has had a long recovery from pneumonia and starvation but was finally healthy enough (after weeks of antibiotics and homeopathic remedy) to start her heartworm treatment! Roxy is looking better each day. She now has a healthy appetite and is gaining weight. From her foster mom: I’m being more careful with leaving food on the table or the counter. If an unsupervised opportunity should present itself (meaning your sausage sandwich), she is happy to take it. She will also wash it down with a fresh cool drink from the toilet, so now all lids must be closed (lol).
HI! I’m Piper and trust me, I am as cute in real life as I look in these pictures. I am super happy, fun, love my tennis balls & rides in the truck, and most of all I love my people and my doggie buddies. Cuddling up is my favorite past time. I play nice with kids and other big dogs but, not so good with cats ( they’re really fun to chase though). My foster family said my obedience is coming along nicely and I am working hard at being a good girl. I guess I won’t get away with my good looks all my life so I better shape it up. It’s kind of hard since I have had such a rough time so far. I know sit, wait, and come and we are working hard on my kennel training. I am still a bit of a work in progress but I am soooo worth it, after all I’m still a puppy. I’m very thankful for lots of love, good food, and tons of belly rubs and even though I’m tan and white, I promise you I am true blue!

Percilla is overcoming her fears with the help of
Blitz Pet Pros and is making great progress. She needs to go into a home with a male K9 companion.
PERCELLA is just 12 months old now and was found virtually blind. Her eye lids turned under and she wouldn’t open her eyes since it hurt her so much. She has since had surgery and can see, a whole new world opened up for her and she’s like a BABY. She loves to play and always has a sqeaky toy in her mouth. She treats her toys with much respect and handles them gently. She’s very frightened of new things and people but will warm up after a time. She needs lots of socialization but discovers new things every day and once she knows you will become your good friend. She was most likely a back yard breeders dog who saw her problem eyes and just left her outside to fend for herself. She finally escaped and was found at the young age of 7 months by the ACO and when brought to the shelter, she was skin and bones, had mange on her upper body from trying to dig her way out (which she did) and of course couldn’t see. She Loves, just Loves others dogs, especially male dogs. She also loves to go for car rides so she can see the world.
Remember the 4 beauties that came in together as “strays” but were amazingly bonded….hmmm. Well Rainbow and Sheriff went to Texas and Duke and Rambo remained in Florida. Duke and Rambo were finally sprung from boarding and have a wonderful foster mamma that couldn’t believe the ease of introducing 2 more dogs to their 2 other dogs. They are that good and well behaved. Bo came to us from a high kill shelter, as part of a group of 4. He’s a stunning bulldog who has wonderful AB physical traits (extremely muscular- large build) as well as alot of the typical personality traits…he is VERY proud and quite stubborn when he wants to be. He is very loving and sweet though and likes to be the center of attention. Bo seems to be happiest as an only dog. I am hanging out in Tamarac, FL

New Arrivals:

Little Gifford was an owner surrender to a kill shelter by a breeder!!!! He was only 5 weeks old when dropped off in very bad shape. The shelter originally thought he had water on his brain (hydrocephalis) and was going to euthanize him. As it turns out, this little cutie appeared to have been attacked by a large dog and the attack left him with a large abscess that,(as you can see), disappeared with good medical care and antibiotics. Unfortunately, one of Gifford’s beautiful green eyes was too badly damaged and will have to be removed. But this doesn’t stop this little guy from wanting to hang out with the ‘big dogs’! He wants nothing to do with playing with the other little tykes at his foster home….no, not Gifford. He goes charging out the door to play and run with all of the adult dogs. Gifford is located in S. Florida
Big young and energetic, this cutie was just transported from Delakb County, GA to PA. Colt is safe in a wonderful foster home with his step sisters one of them being the lovely ChiChi. Thanks Cathy, we will look forward to your “baby naming” and updates.
SWEET and wonderful Charlotte is 3 years old and just a scared little girl.  Her prior owners must have been mean to her but she’s quickly learning that her life is going to be as beautiful as she is.  Her owner was a breeder that apparently lost his home and was taking her to the kill shelter when someone stepped up to save her.  Unfortunately the only place they could offer her was sleeping outside in the hot sun and horrible thunderstorms.  She literally came combat crawling into my house.  She’s had a nice bath and is settling in nicely.  She will never be left outside again.  She will snuggle close to you and give you gentle kisses.  She had no problems with my cats either.  She was nose to nose and just as gentle as she could be.  I love this sweet girl and so will you.  She needs to gain about 15 lbs and I expect her to reach approximately 95 lbs.  She also will need some leash training but I would like her to relax and realize that she’ll never be hit again before officially starting any training. She literally hits the ground when you say ‘heel’.  We’ll work on leash training later sweet Charlotte!
Otis … Is a lovely Southern Gentleman. He came from the red earth of Georgia to find a place to call home in the North. He has not had the best of care and needs to put on a good amount of weight. He is a young dog not over one year. He is living in his foster home with three other dogs both male and female and they all get along great. He was definitely someone’s pet he knows the commands sit, down, and shakes paw with both feet. He walks beautifully on a leash, is crate trained, house trained, and is great in the car. He is calm, quiet, and loving. He wants nothing more than to be with you and have a family of his own. Otis is a tall cool drink of Southern Charm!
Valentine is one of the Baltimore 3 and she is just about 8-9 weeks now. She is happy and energetic, working on house training and she has made many new friends.
Hi! My name is Lucy and I am a 5.5 month old brindle and white American Bulldog looking for my furever home. I am potty trained and love my crate. I am very energetic and needs lots of exercise to wear me out. So, this week, I will be staring school to work on my manners and tire out my foster mom..She needs the exercise too! I like other dogs, sometimes I get in their faces because I am sooooo excited to be near them. Please find a place in your heart to adopt me so you can shout..LUCY, I’m home and I can give you big sloppy kisses!! Lucy is in PA
It’s hard to believe but 3 more pups showed up at the same shelter, in the same overnight drop box as our last 4 Waldorf pups. Jack and Jill are 12 weeks old so they are a few weeks younger and most likely half brothers and sisters to the Waldorf pups. There are 2 girls and a boy. They too have demodex mange. Not pictured is their sister Pearl who is equally adorable.
Tugg loves other dogs, almost completely house trained, is one of the Baltimore 3 and he is just about 8-9 weeks now. He is happy and calm. 


Vinnie is doing fabulous! His foster family says he couldn’t be more perfect! He’s house trained, crated trained and will sit and give paw. He has an appointment on Thursday to remove his stitches and he can be adopted or moved to another foster home to await his forever family!Sweet and wonderful Vinnie was rescued from a kill shelter in Florida. He was found as a stray and sat at Animal Control for one week without any medical attention, pain meds or antibiotics until we rescued him and took him directly to a vet. It appears Vinnie had his face slashed by a knife, machete or some other thin and sharp object. Due to lack of medical attention from the shelter, Vinnie now has to have his eye removed. Per the vet, he had to be in incredible pain while sitting in the shelter for a week but that didn’t seem to matter to the staff. They never took him to one of their 2 full time vets. There was a chance to save his eye had they treated him immediately or, at the very least, gave him pain medication and antibiotics. Vinnie was sent to an opthomologist for a second opinion and the doctor agreed. The sad part is that Vinnie is the sweetest and most docile dog and the vet said he probably just sat there looking up at his abuser and was just smacked in the face! This is horrendous and it just breaks our heart. Everyone that’s met this little guy falls instantly in love with him. Vinnie’s bills are quickly piling up and he hasn’t even had his surgery yet. Can you please help Vinnie?
please help Vinnie here
Here is the big goofball.  He is a lover boy and all he wants is attention.  That’s not surprising for this very loving breed.  They love their people!  He is sleeping in a crate at night and did really well so I think he has been crated before. He needs to gain about 10lbs.  He has been neutered and vaccinated and gets along with all his foster dog family at the farm.  Tater did test a low heart worm positive and is undergoing the slow kill (safer) treatment and should test negative in a few months.Tater is located in Sebring, FL.  Please fill out an adoption application if you’re interested in making Tater a permanent member of your family.  You can contact me at if you have any questions.

Pearl is the 3rd new Waldorf pup who is as sweet and quiet as they come. She loves her foster brother Dewey and her skin is healing slowly but surely

Happy Tails:

Ginger found her new dad and new sister and is playing and behaving in her new home.
Mojo is a super outgoing 18 month old little man who was found in an abandoned building in Harlem, NY. He is everyone’s best friend and craves attention. He is great on a leash, crate trained and working on housebreaking. He weight 63 pounds and will probably end up gaining about 10. He did well on his dog test but will not be placed with another male.
First of all: Thank you Thank you Thank you.. Everything went extremely smooth….We are honestly still in shock and awe how wonderful this entire adoption process went… AND then NOLA. SHE is the most incredible dog ever!! OMG….AS you might know, she was supposed to be Norris dog ( LOL) since I already rescued Shaque and he SO wanted a dog for himself again… The girl jumped out of Paula’s car and went straight to him, Love on first sight!!!
They bonded immediately. SHE is just the most beautiful dog ever….We took her for a little walk , so she could stretch her legs, she jumped into our SUV and off we were.. I had some rawhide for her to chew on and she loved it… No problem at all in the back of our car. Just a smooth ride home. It seemed like NOla had been always our family member. At home Norris introduced her to the other dogs slowely, which also went very smooth and after getting some homemade turkey from her new mom, we all took her for a little walk… with her new brother Shaque, who couldn;t keep his eye of his new beautiful sister…
Not only will we highly recommend your rescue organization as extremely professionell, You all are true dog lovers and we truly feel blessed and extremely fortunate to have been able to work with you all and rescue this amazing dog…We know she was meant for us!!!
Hi, my name is Jules. I am a 3 yr old, white, female American Bulldog seeking….well, more treats. I like long walks from the kitchen to the laundry room (actual short) but hear there is tons of walking and exploring awaiting me when I get better. Not sure what thats all about cause I feel fine! I have successfully ripped apart all toys left by my new dad and his friends and feel pretty good about it. My daddy recently had to steam clean all the carpets in my new house because I had accidents, but think I know what is going on now. Im a very cute girl and pretty sure I can talk you out of any treats you may have.
Hi all,thank you so much for bringing Rusty into our lives. We love him and are so
happy to have him. I have attached some pics showing him adjusting to his
new home. 


Oh Delysia!!! Your foster mom and dad are in shreads, but they are so happy for you. Delysia has a new family. She has a new human brother and sister and a great Dad. She also has a Special brother, he was adopted through ABR in 2004 and is one of our “Special Guys” Ruger was one of our favorites . Thanks Barberrys for making her so fluffy!!!


Awesome pics of the week

Jack (PA) and his foster brother

Buckus (adopted in 2009)is famous!