Meet Otter & Esme

Posted: February 12th, 2009

February 12, 2009

Here’s their story-

Otter and Esme are 15 week old American Bulldogs who were found in an abandoned home, in a basement, in a crate (nice huh?). The neighbors heard crying for days and the pups look like they had not been fed for a week. Under stress the pups developed demodectic mange, a non-contagious skin condition. Otter also has “downed pasterns” which is flat feet from sitting in a crate 24 hours a day with no nutrition or exercise.This will definitely get better over time. They are both so so sweet, they are working on crate training, leash walking and learning that the world can be a great place. Esme weighs 26 pounds and Otter 34 pounds.

It will be quite some time before Otter and Esme are ready for adoption and we could really use some help with their medical bills.

If you’ve ever wondered where the donation money goes, take a look at these beautiful babies (and know that there’s hundreds more). 100% goes to help the animals in ABR care. Please consider helping us with Otter & Esme’s bills.

We’ll update the progress of the puppies as they heal, both on the outside and inside.

02/13/09- “After first bath” photos added to their photo album (what cuties!)

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