Meet Jelly!

Posted: May 16th, 2009


May 16, 2009
Jelly is yet another sad example of a human letting a very treatable skin condition (Demodectic Mange) go untreated. He is currently in a vet’s office in NY but should be in ABR’s care early next week. And in case you’re wondering how he got his name…… he reminded us so much of Peanut Butter (another ABR rescue) that it seemed natural to name him Jelly. His treatment will be quite costly and any donations would be greatly appreciated. What a cutie he is!

May 21, 2009
Jelly is now at Jodi’s home, has been for a couple of days now, and on meds. We have lots of new, beautiful, happy, pictures to post of him which we will do this weekend (webprincess is traveling). A VERY BIG SPECIAL THANK YOU to Wellness Pet Food for donating extra healthy food to help Jelly heal!!!!!!

May 25, 2009
Memorial Day!!!!
Jelly & Matilda……No more crates. They now share a sunroom together! He is giving Matilda confidence!(new pictures added)

June 2, 2009
Peach fuzz coming in….. feet are a lot less swollen. He’s looking good! (new pictures added)

July 6, 2009
Seven weeks in the loving care of Jodi. We’re waaaaay behind on updating the website. New pictures added (with his best girlfriend). He’s looking absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!

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