Meet Biscayne!

Posted: June 6th, 2009



This poor dog was rescued from Biscayne Bay. Here’s the email chain-

May 31, 2009
Original contact from Liana to ABR- We rescued this dog out of the water by boat, posted it on craigslist, then brought it to the pound where they said they would put it to sleep in 5 days. Please see the craigslist posting link below with a picture of the dog. He is not neutered and is VERY sweet and has a bad skin condition. His paws were bloody from trying to climb the sea walls. He was exhausted and skinny. We brought him to a vet and he did not have a microchip, just a Dogtra black collar on with some sort of tracking device on it. Looks like either for an electric fence or for training. He does not look very well taken care of. He is white with one black spot over his eye.

June 1, 2009
Update from Jodi- note to foster- He is beautiful. Call me in the AM. Tell them that if he does get Kennel Cough that we will send them proof of neuter as soon as he is well enough to be neutered. We are a 501c3 not for profit Rescue. We can supply vet references that guarantee every dog in our Rescue has left neutered. KC is never a reason to euthanize.

June 2, 2009
Update from Liana- Ok, I will call you in the am and tell you all they said to us today. Also, the owners surfaced from that craigslist ad and said “he was always chewing on his skin and jumping over the fence and getting away, we don’t want him anymore” Just like that, they don’t even care. They live an hour away and couldn’t even explain how he ended up drowning in the Bay in Miami when they live in Ft Lauderdale. Strange. They did say he is 3 yrs old. If you can call the pound and somehow get them to release him to me tomorrow, I will go get him. They did say a rescue of any kind can pick him up. This 5 day hold is only for the owners to claim him but they said they won’t take him back. Maybe the people at Animal Services will listen to you since you are from the Rescue. They just look at me as someone to adopt him.

June 2, 2009
Update from Jodi- Jenn is doing the Notary paperwork and filling it out and mailing it along w/our 501c3. Liana is supposed to go and adopt him Friday between 4-6. As long as he isn’t sick w/kennel cough it won’t be a problem. We are good to go. If he is sick and they can’t neuter him we will have to have our paperwork there.

June 5, 2009

Here he is!
It was very smooth getting him settled in. He went in the house and then we let him in the backyard right away and he pooped & went pee. We praised him and he ran in the house very excited. He explored a bit and we set up his food & water bowls and his bed. He ate a little then laid down on his bed. Then we put blankets down in the cage that Linda brought for us and he went right in. He liked it. He even rolled over so we could pet his belly. He does seem very calm and sad. He has a really sweet personality. He doesn’t make a sound, just hangs his head a lot. Maybe because of the shock collar he had. We left the cage door open and when we left, we watched through the window and he went back in.

It was thundering bad and he was VERY scared of that. We put a blanket over the cage also so he will feel safe. I came back an hour later and he was still sleeping in the cage. I see now that he is very skinny, you can see all his ribs and back bone, I hope I didn’t feed him too much. He did find a bone that was buried in the yard and he would not give it up. I was a little scared to take it out of his mouth and he ate it all.

Thank you all so much for all the help and advice! Now we will try to get him all better and find him a permanent home.


June 7, 2009

Well, it only took a day and a half for him to realize he is safe because he is no longer scared and is the happiest dog! His true personality has come out and it is so cute getting to know him. He wants to be near people ALL the time. He’ll walk up to whoever is in the house for attention and just sits down next to them. If you lie down with him, all he wants to do is put his paw around you, lick your face and make these cute little grunting noises. Melissa is with him in the attached picture just after that. He has become so playful like a puppy. He discovered the squeaky toys and goes absolutely nuts jumping up and down if you throw it in the air and catching it. Throw it far and he will fetch it and bring it back then roll around with the toy in his mouth (that is the other picture attached). When we walk him, he seems friendly with other dogs and he saw a couple cats and wagged his tail. He doesnt pull the leash at all, seems well trained and sits when you tell him to. He must have had an owner along the line of his short life so far that treated him good before he got in the bad situation. There are marks from the shock collar prongs along his neck but as his skin clears up and the fur grows in nice and white, he will be so pretty. Melissa is going to send her pics from a better camera soon.
Thank you all again for the help, he is VERY happy now and will be an amazing dog for whoever adopts him!

June 14, 2009

Words cannot even begin to describe the joy we have right now about Biscayne. He has found his forever home. Those eyes of his that were so sad and disparaged, are now getting brighter. Things are sure looking up. It is with much heartfelt emotion that we thank everyone (Liana especially) involved in his rescue and a HUGE thanks to Biscayne’s new forever owner.


Biscayne and his new forever human!!!!




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