Maynard- In Memorium

Posted: December 4th, 2010



Over 5 years ago, Jodi called and asked us to foster a Old English Mastiff named Maynard. He had been taken from a family that had too many dogs and moved in with a nice young lady and her little Yorkie.  We were told the Yorkie picked on him..seemed strange to us, but we packed up the car and headed on route 78 to pick him up.  Well, we had a flat tire on the way, but finally got there..out pops Maynard from a little tiny car.  He was so scared but mild mannered. He jumped into our car and we headed back home.  When we arrived at our house, he got out of the car and was greeted by my gang. I think he thought oh my..where am I now as three bernese moutain dogs and a dogue de bordeaux ran to the fence to greet him.  Maynard has chronic bad ears, so off to the doctors we went. After several months of treating them and changing his food to a grain  free food, they got better. We decided that Maynard had been bounced around enough and he would live out the rest of his life with us.  He was never sick again, until this past September.  He was not himself, but he doctors could not find anything wrong with him. He remained the great dog that he always was until the day he went to heaven in November . He was a wonderful dog and I miss him terribly.
I want to thank Jodi for giving us the opportunity to love him and make him one of our family for the past 5 years. Hopefully he loved living with us as much as we loved him being with us. Until we meet again someday enjoy romping with your buddies… Bear,  Bentley and Gordon.

Maynard’s photo album