Maya’s Happy Tail

Posted: June 11th, 2010



We were able to adopt a 10 month old American Bulldog the end of April from Jodi.  Her name is Maya. She’s extremely hyper being a puppy (a big strong one at that) but she is an absolute love bug!!!!  I hope to be able to foster for your rescue soon (as soon as I’m confident Maya will be ok / but i think it will be soon) and I thank God for rescues such as yours that give these beautiful, loving dogs good homes!!!! 

So, I guess if you could please add Lexi to your Memoriam page and add Maya to your Happy Tails page, I would so appreciate it!!!! You can tell Jodi that Maya is doing great.  She has gotten a little bigger / she’s about 57 lbs / is so active and friendly and funny and such a cuddle bug…………..who by the way insists on sleeping in our bed which my husband and I find hilarious!!!!  She’s such a character!!!!!
Donna Lewis

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