Max’s Happy Tail

Posted: June 27th, 2010



“Max”, “Max”, “Max”… what is there to say about this rebellious teen trapped in a dog’s body. I know he’s only a year and a half old, but he acts more like a teenager than a two year old. Yes, I equate him to being a child, just as I do with his two bully sisters, because after all, they are our children.

Regardless of “Max’s” rebellious ways from time to time, he’s such a sweetheart and big baby. When Kevin made the almost 30 hour round trip (in a 2 day span) back to GA to rescue “Max” we just knew he’d be a perfect fit in our family. It’s a mad house around here now-days but it’s a good day when we don’t have to send anyone to their room. “Max” is a big mama’s boy, and a whiner when I’m not around. He’s such a snuggler and loves sitting in your lap or on your feet if you’re standing. He is constantly playing with “Angel” and running around the house.

If you ever want to keep up with “Max” and his adventures with his sisters “Dixie” and “Angel” you can check them out on their doggie blog; they’re always into something so you never know what you’re going to miss:

We have to thank the American Bulldog Rescue for our latest rescues. If it weren’t for Carey and all her hard work we never would have found “Angel” and we never would have adopted our wonderful, sweet, handsome boy “Max”. As Carey always asks, how can you not love a face like his? We surely don’t know!
Tara Pivotto

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