Marco Polo’s Happy Tail

Posted: July 9th, 2009




 Last December, I was browsing for a new addition to our family.  I narrowed my search to include female, medium sized doggies.  As luck, or fate, would have it, there was Marco Polo’s picture posted amongst all the other female dogs.  As I read HIS story, and watched his video over and over again, I knew I loved him right away. His Foster Mom Coleen, probably thought we were the most annoying people on the planet.  Anxiety, anticipation, and excitement filled our days, until we could meet this little guy – who is blind.  Sir, our current dog, had the final say on whether or not Marco Polo joined our family …

Fortunately, Sir and Marco Polo got along, and a few days after Christmas, Marco Polo was on his way to our house. It never occurred to us to be concerned that Marco Polo can not see.  We treat him like any other seeing dog.  He’s an amazing inspiration in many ways. He’s made himself at home here … Humoring us daily with the things he does.  Whether its eating whole raw sweet potatoes and garlic when no one is looking, finding his favorite toy in the toy box, or playing tug of war with Sir – he always brings a smile to our faces. Being blind hasn’t change Marco’s quality of life one bit.  All you have to do in our house is whisper the word “walk” and Marco Polo rushes to the front door, and waits for us to take him on a walk. He’s taught us that you can still be happy in life without sight, as long as you’re living in a loving home!

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