Magoo’s Journey

Posted: December 6th, 2009

Magoo at Carey's home



We wrote on 11/29/09 about Magoo. He is an owner surrender, approx 10 years old, deaf, and we recently learned (thanks Carey!)…. has no teeth. Aside from the heartbreaking thought of “Just how does a 10 yr old deaf dog end up as a throwaway?”, we’re happy to report that Magoo is making his way up the East Coast as this update is being written.


Here he is at Carey’s home last night (12/05/09). The following are all updates from Carey who has worked tirelessly to help to save Magoo. Thank you Carey!!!!!!




Magoo at Petsmart


12/04/09 at 12:56 pm- Mr. Magoo’s 1st transporter took him to the store and bought him a collar and leash and a goodie bag.  He pulled up sitting in the front seat of a pickup between the transporter and her grandson with his tongue hanging out.  Wish I had that picture. He is now with the 2nd transporter who is going to take him home and bathe him and blow dry his hair and keep him over night.  They’re saying he is just a sweet, sweet dog.



12/05/09 at 11:54 am- I just picked up old Mr. Magoo.  He’s an Olde English.  Magoo is just a sweet, sweet old boy.  He got along with all the small dogs in the house and Petsmart.  NO aggressions at all with kids, food, dogs and now cats.  He’s just a laid back boy. Here are the pics from the wonderful family that kept him over night and delivered him to me.  I’ll meet the pilot tomorrow for the 3rd leg of his journey to another pilot that will keep him over night and fly him to PA on Monday. 

Magoo- 1st flight


12/05/09 at 1:50 pm- Not the slightest scared, just wants to be near someone or another dog. When I put Magoo in his bedroom, not crate, just bedroom so I can let my dogs out, he just barks and barks.  He’s exhausted from barking.  It’s breaking my heart….. (note from Carey)


12/06/09 at 1:54 pm- He should be landing in NC any minute.  The second pilot called when he was taking off (with a photographer) and will call when he lands. I don’t think he expected Magoo to be so cute. He was just laughing when he got the dog. He’ll call when he lands in NC and then Magoo will fly to VA with pilot #3 and spend the night at his house.  He was a hit at the Sanford airport.  Everyone fell in love with him including pilot #2. He’s your baby tomorrow (note to Jodi).

 12/06/09 at 5:04 pm- (note from Carey about all the folks involved, so far, with helping this beautiful old guy)

Flavia Downs picked Magoo up from the shelter and took him shopping for new collar and leash as well as ‘cookies’..  Flavia brought Magoo to Tara.  Tara said when Magoo pulled up sitting in the front seat of the truck in between Flavia and her grandson, she just cracked up.  He was sitting up front with his tongue hanging out just looking out the windshield.  I wish I had a picture of that. Tara kept him over night and gave him a bath and blow dry and he hung out with her entire family and 5 year old daughter.  She brought him to me in Tampa. Jim Matthews gave the old guy a lift from Orlando to Jax and is such a wonderful friend of all dogs and dog rescues. Larry Marino gave Magoo a lift to NC to meet with Nick O’Connell who flew in from VA to take Magoo back to his home for the night before flying to meet Jodi in PA.  Unfortunately, by the time Magoo landed, it was too late for Nick to fly back to PA.  Debbie with Pilots n Paws was calling around NC frantically to find a dog friendly hotel for both Nick and Mr. Magoo.  No takers. Finally, a woman named Debbie was so upset that she couldn’t break her hotels rules so she offered to take Mr. Magoo to her home with her two boys to spend the night with her family.  Wonderful Debbie (BOTH Debbies are life savers) will drive Mr. Magoo back to the airport tomorrow am for his final flight to Jodi. Whew, what a day!  I miss the old guy so, so much!  He is just a love bug that deserves the very best for his remaining years.
A big, big THANK YOU to CAREY (ABR Volunteer), Flavia, Tara, Jim Matthews, Larry Marino, Nick O’Connell, Debbie 1, Debbie 2 and Pilots n Paws for your help with this beautiful baby!!!!!
12/07/09 at 6:29 pm- Magoo arrived in PA today. He is settling in nicely with his new foster mom and dad, Diane & Ted.  We hope to have some new pictures soon. Oh Magoo, you’ve touched and endeared us all.
12/07/09 at 10:43 pm- we still have Nick’s story to post!!!!! He was Magoo’s last knight in shining armour, the last leg of the trip. We got way ahead of ourselves in that we were so thankful that he made it safely to PA. Nick was the one who spent the night in NC to pick up Magoo. 
12/08/09- Note from Carey: Nick worked sooooooooo hard to organize the flight.  We were a leg short and I found someone through a friend.  Then the flight was set.  Nick tried to move things up a little due to weather in PA and wanted to get off earlier. Then ‘stuff’ happened and the flight was late getting to NC…Nick flew from his home in VA to pick up Magoo in NC to take him back to his house in VA to spend the night and bring him to Jodi first thing in the am to beat the weather and darkness.  The flight was late getting to NC so Pilots n Paws was trying desperately to find a hotel in NC that would take Nick AND Magoo.  No one would allow Magoo.  Debbie with Pilots n Paws was begging hotels when Debbie agreed to take him home with her.  Nick went out and bought dog food, collapsable bowls, blankets, etc. to make sure Magoo would be comfy in (yet another) wonderful foster home.
12/08/09- Note from Nick: As I’m sure you know, Mr. Magoo made it safety to PA. What a great guy. He touched the hearts of everyone who saw him (present company included). The cold weather in PA didn’t even seem to bother him. Here are some pictures of Mr. Magoo on his adventure. Let me know if we can help again, Nick
We’ll post updates as we get them.
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