Magoo’s Happy Tail

Posted: December 19th, 2010



It will be one year Mr. Magoo has lived with us. He has made himself quite at home. He mostly goes by Goo now. He has a sick love of tennis balls and is his own ball return (spitting the ball back to you just in reach).He and Annie have a bit of a love hate relationship. They are kinda like the little old couple who ran out of thing to say. We are thrilled to say that he just had his 11th B-day and is doing very well. Goo is a mamas boy and is quietly protective of our little girl Katarina (2 yrs old). He unwittingly has learn to play tag with with her make the two of them happy little campers. He is joy to have as part of our family and with Annie by his side showing him the ropes a great dog for any little girl. We are so glad that though the dog we thought would be her first dog had pass the March be for Goo came into  our lives  that he is going to set her standard of what she well look for in a K-9 life long friend.

Magoo’s photo album