Maggie Moo & Pups

Posted: May 22nd, 2010

Maggie was found roaming the streets next to the highway. She looked pretty beat up. She took a couple of days to allow a good samaritan to get her. She was looking horrible by the 2nd day and the people that lived next door said she was there for a few days but we got her and cleaned her up. She is extremely docile. She loves to be around people, dogs and cats. Our vets estimate her age to be between 9-10 years old. Then we found out that Maggie was pregnant. She was moved to foster home in Florida to prepare for her delivery. When she could not deliver her babies by Thursday, her foster mom took her to a vet that x-rayed her. Poor old Maggie could not deliver her babies due to a large tumor in her uterus. Maggie had to have an emergency C-section today to deliver her six puppies. The tumor was removed from her uterus and she was spayed but she still has another tumor on her back leg that may be mass cell cancer. She is safe and sound with her wonderful foster mom (also named Maggie) who brought her home from surgery with her new family. Even as sore and tired as Maggie is, she’s still proving to be a wonderful mommy. Luckily this will be the last litter for this puppy mill mommy. Sadly Maggie lost 4 of her babies. The last two are fighters and are being tube fed by their foster mommy. Maggie just cannot produce enough milk to sustain them. Please keep Maggie and her babies in your prayers. She will now be able to lounge around in the yard and bask in the sun for the remainder of her life. No more cages for Maggie Moo.All donations are greatly appreciated as her mounting medical bills and those of her puppies are growing fast. 

05/15/10 Update:

Maggie Moo & Pups

05/22/10 Update:

Maggie’s foster mom writes: Maggie needs a wonderful last home but if that doesn’t happen, she will remain with us for the remainder of her life. But please take a look at these chunky monkeys….they’re adorable and will be ready in approximately 2 weeks for adoption.

Maggie Moo & pups are in FL. View their photo album (new puppy pictures added!) p.s.- we could still use some help with the medical bills.

Well wishes:

From Cindy:

I am so glad that Moo has her forever home , I have been praying for her what a sweet girl.  I also had a female American Bulldog with mass cell tumor cancer she was diagnosed at 11 years of age , and opted not to do surgery , but she lived another 3 years very well. I only had to give a Benedry 2x daily and every now and then give her some Predisone when needed and she did great withit , please give Moo lots of hugs from me thanks and God Bless you guys


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