Stilton (Lopez) McOwen

Posted: October 21st, 2011

We just wanted to update you on Lopez.  He is doing great!  In keeping with
our cheese theme, we have re-named him Stilton.  As goofy as he is, he
deserved a distinguished name 🙂

He has settled right in to life in our home.  Every morning I go
walking/jogging with him for 20-30 minutes down the length of our boardwalk,
and through some woods at the end.  We’ve also made several trips with him
and Gorgonzola to our local dog park, where they enjoy chasing each other,
and Stilton made really good friends with another 7-month old English
Bulldog puppy in our building.  Gorgonzola was extremely jealous and
possessive of us for the first few days, but Stilton never got mad and was
very patient and happy to share the affection.  On the third day, they
finally started playing together, and now they play together all the time.
This morning after I took Stilton out, he went straight to Zola’s crate and
pranced and whined and spun in circles, doing anything to try and get her
attention so she would play with him — meanwhile, she tried to stay asleep
— we’re working on making her less of a lazy dog in the mornings!

We also brought Stilton for his first meeting with his new certified
trainer, who spent over an hour just with Stilton and Wendy.  He loved it,
and was very receptive — and it exhausted him!  He slept pretty much the
rest of the day.  We’ll probably continue to meet with the trainer at least
once a week.  We also plan to send Stilton and Gorgonzola to day care (run
by the same trainer) about once per week to help keep them socialized (in
addition to meeting the dozens of dogs that live in and around our

I’ve attached a few pictures of Stilton in our home and two videos of them

Thank you for rescuing Lopez-Stilton and providing a good home (and a
foundation of training) before we found him!  Already we can’t imagine
having chosen a different dog.