Learning Doggie Zen

Posted: February 19th, 2014

Emmett is a big love and he wants to share it with you. All. The. Time. When he started boot camp, only 5 days ago, he didn’t now how to simply chill and be comfortable on his own.

Fairly typical from a dog who hasn’t been socialized well and hasn’t received stability from the humans in his life. Once someone comes along who is “there” for that dog, he wants to be with that person constantly. Almost like you can hear him screaming “please don’t leave me!” And when he is with you he demands your attention because it might be all that he gets for a while.

Emmett is working on changing that. He is learning to trust that he’s not going to be left outside and ignored for hours or days on end, and that it’s OK to relax and just be.

Enter: the Dodginator.

Dodge is helping with a little leash bonding.

Dodge is helping with a little leash bonding.

Dodge is the master at relaxation and his good vibes are being shared with Emmett. Emmett’s proving to be a very responsive trainee! He’s making regular progress towards getting the Dodge stamp of approval!

"See, I can lat still even when you're close."

“See, I can sit still even when you’re close.”


If Emmett has your stamp of approval, now is the time to apply to adopt him. Check out his write up here then scooch on over to the adoption application.

Photos courtesy of Show Me YOUR Dog Training, LLC.