Kiwi’s Happy Tail

Posted: November 6th, 2010

We know…. not what you expected. Kiwi had been living with Jodi and has found his new forever home.



Hi Mom,
I’m doing great in my new home. I get to walk around as usual and the dogs and I get along very well. I have lots of toys to play with my favorite is a small ball that I like to throw and chew. My new brother Oliver (the amazon parrot) and I like to talk back and forth. I’d have to say my favorite in the house is Natalie. I love eating my peanuts and nilla wafers as usual. So don’t worry, I’m gettin my goodies.

I do have a nice big cage that I love to sleep in. It was weird at first but I actually love it. I get to decorate it just how I want. We have a whole bedtime routine.

I have a great view of my new tennis court and pool and lots of plants and trees. My new mom and Pop Pop already bought me a summer cage for the back screened porch so next year for summer I will get to spend some time outside.

I will always love and miss you but thank you so much for finding me my new happy family. They love me SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much!!!!!!!!!

Love Always and Forever,