Kane- In Memoriam

Posted: January 30th, 2009



Hi Jodi,
Kane was with us only for a short time. He died on his birthday of two years old, 4/1/08. This story is extremely painful.

My daughter bought him online from a breeder in Texas. He was just born and, as he got off the plane, it was love at first sight. His right eye was brown from his mother and his left eye was blue from his father and my daughter loved him completely.  She was living in an apartment at the time in NYC and realized he needed room to grow. She brought him home where she grew up here in East Patchogue, Long Island.

The back yard is fenced for our dogs and he was spectacular to watch growing up. I must admit we are not familiar with the safety of his breed.  We just loved him so. We marveled at the size of his mouth, his paws, his muscular build and just everything about him. He had established a personal relationship with each and every one of us. We all have a unique story of love to tell about Kane. My wife, especially, had a special relationship with Kane. She is legally blind and he brought personally to her a sense of hope.

None of us realized the dangers of his ability to swallow large objects. We viewed him as indestructible. It was a full time job to keep him from eating things… socks, shoes, whatever.

Well, we all noticed that he was slowing down, not really himself. He was not as playful and almost depressed. He would look at me as if to say, “Help me”. I didn’t know what was wrong. I surmised he was getting sick from something he had eaten. My daughter took him to the vet and the vet gave him a clean bill of health. We didn’t know what to think. He would be fine and then he would mope. One night he moped up to my daughter’s bedroom and plopped on her bed. He was bleeding out of his rectum. We rushed him to the 24 hr. emergency  room. The vet told us he was in very serious danger. We were stunned. What are you talking about? We take very good care of him. They put him on an IV and had to resuscitate him twice. Oh my God, what is going on? Our beloved Kane died of mesenteric torsion. He had eaten some foreign object that his body could not handle.

We still cannot accept his passing. We are all very distraught. We buried him in the back yard where we visit him when we can.

We are still in tremendous pain.

In his memory and honor we want to rescue American Bulldogs for any reason.

Kane will be happy to see his breed running in the yard again.

Maybe you can help us locate an American Bulldog statue we can erect by Kane’s resting place? We absolutely cannot find any fitting memorial. Thanks for the ear,

Lou M. & Family


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