Julia’s Happy Tail

Posted: November 8th, 2009





Remember Margie? Margie was posted on our website under our Rescue Reality section on March 21, 2009. Margie is now Julia and doing great. We’re thrilled to move her photo album from the Rescue category to our Success Stories category. The photos in her album are from when she was first rescued. We’re hoping to have some new photos of her soon.





Julia is doing great!  She is getting more and more loving and trusting every day.  She is on her 4th week of obedience school.  Last week she felt comfortable enough to lie all the way down on her side while the instructor was talking.  That’s a big step for her to put herself in such a vulnerable position with about 6 other dogs near her.  We are hoping to get to the point where when she is off leash in our yard that she comes back to us when called.  The other week she jumped into the pond after a frog.  She all of the sudden was a lovely shade of mud brown, which in turn prompted a bath.  She really is doing great.  She wiggles so hard when she wags her tail that she bumps into things and then looks at the object like how did that happen.

Julia’s Rescue Story

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