Jesse’s Happy Tail

Posted: February 25th, 2011



Hi Mary and Jodi –

I thought you would enjoy an update on Jesse Girl!  She’s doing fantastically well!!  She has settled into my home, and has really opened up. Each week, she has gained more confidence and has become more outgoing and playful. She’s very obedient and is learning her boundaries quickly.

Within the first couple days, she was following me around the house and coming over to sit beside me when I was on the couch, and never went to her crate unless I gated her in the kitchen.  By the second week, she would come over to ask for rubs and she started becoming more like a bulldog.  She likes to walk between me and an oncoming stranger, and if she sees someone she’s not sure about, she stands very still – tail out and ears up, just watching them intently. She barks (a good woof! woof!!) when someone comes onto the porch.

She did really well when I had the party. I gave her calming treats and a bone to chew and she was fine. She came downstairs at my prompting and walked around to see everyone and then went back upstairs. Later she came down by herself several times.  For the past two weeks, when individuals come to my house, she warms up to them quickly (with the help of a treat) and is relaxed around them. The next door neighbors have a really yappy West Highland terrier puppy that scared her for several weeks. Whenever the puppy was out, she would just want to go back into the house. Then one day, although scared, she walked up to the fence and sniffed him for awhile – I was so amazed and proud of her. Now she greets other dogs without trying to get away.

Last week, she started to play. She likes to run after her rope-bone when I toss it around – and she even brings it back if she’s in the mood. She LOOOOOVES playing tug of war, too. She’s become used to the neighborhood and walks with a skip in her step – tail out and ears up, smelling everything in sight.  She even does well when I take her to new places for a walk, as long as there aren’t bikes, people or loud sounds. =)  She’s slowly getting used to noisy, new things.  The past two days, she has started snuggling up with me on the bed, putting her head on my belly. She also greets me at the gate to the kitchen now, rather than staying in her crate.  Yesterday, I ran with her for part of her walk, and she did a fantastic job, keeping pace with me.  She’s going to be a good running partner!!

We have a wellness appointment with my vet this Thursday, and I’m looking to starting obedience training in the next week or so.  Not sure if she is ready for a group class yet, but if not, we’ll have a trainer come to us.  We’re having fun getting to know each other, and I’m so delighted with her!

Thank you!!


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