Jemma’s Happy Tail

Posted: November 24th, 2010



Thank you again for helping us adopt Jemma!  She is so cute and full of energy!  Missy is starting to warm up more now, but is still a little nervous when she does the puppy pounce.  She’s such a fast learner!  She already knows “sit” and is starting to learn her name and “Jemma come”; we’re still working on “no”.  She’s been really good with going out today.  She only had 2 accidents.  She loves snuggling up and taking naps.  The one thing she loves to do the most is pull all of the toys out of the basket one at a time until they are spread out all over the floor and than pounce from one toy to a next.  It’s very entertaining!!  But here are some pictures of her so far.  And thank you again.

Jemma’s photo album