Jackson’s Happy Tail

Posted: May 15th, 2010



Hi Jodi – Just wanted to tell you Jackson (formerly known as Cupid) is the best and is living the life! Tara


Hi Jodi –

Okay we have been delaying our update only because we are having SO MUCH FUN with him and truly want to send pics that capture his gentle and loving boy in all of his glory!!  That trip to Philly to get him was the best day ever!  He goes most everywhere with us, we are such suckers for our boy!  He LOVES EVERYTHING and EVERYONE.  He currently lives with a 10 mo old cat, MiniCat, and they are best friends.  He goes to our family parties and just adores all the kids too!  His only flaw so far is that he waits for us to lift his hindparts onto the bed/sofa/up in the car…LOL  We think he is just so lazy and he knows we will help him up!  He loves his big yard and has many dog friends over to play with him – I think he has more friends than us!

Here are some pics for you – can’t thank you enough – now I know why everyone is so addicted to this breed.  There are also pics of him and Mango (formerly Valentine)  (I was told these two were the “bad boys” of Miami)  LOL 

As you will see, he loves to get dirty, play soccer, and cuddle.

Anyway, thank you a million times over. 

Tara and Michele


Jackson’s Photo Album