Jackson- In Memoriam

Posted: February 22nd, 2009

Jodi, I hope you remember me and my husband Bill.  We were the fortunate parents for Jackson. He had a wonderful last year of life and we truly adored him.  It has been difficult to send this email and let you know that he passed on January 19, 2009.  He suffered from Lymphoma.  He developed a large tumor on his right front paw and we saw several vets.  The diagnosis after several blood tests was that it was benign, so we opted for surgery with the hopes that in a few weeks he would be back to normal. 

That was the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  It was soon obvious that the tumor was coming back.  The vet sent the tissue out for biopsy and the worst news came back that it was in fact malignant.  We discussed amputation, but since the cancer probably had spread, it wasn’t like we could just get rid of it that way.  We opted to do natural therapy and keep him as comfortable as possible. 

We were so happy to have him through the holidays with us.  He was such a happy big boy.  He stayed positive right up to the last day.  He was such a great love to us, albeit way to short.  We are more enriched having him in our lives.  Babe and Meeko our other love creatures are OK, but I think they miss him too. 

I hope Jackson is playing with a ball somewhere and he will remember us when we cross over to where he now resides.

I work with Tara E. at PSECU and knowing what we had gone through with Jackson, she wanted us to know about the ABDR site video.  Thanks so much for featuring Jackson, that is really special. 

Jackson’s Photo Album