Jack’s Happy Tail

Posted: February 5th, 2009


I just wanted to take some time and thank American Bulldog Rescue for my son Jack. My boyfriend and I adopted Jack in September 2008 and from the time I saw him I knew he was the one. Jack was very weak when we first met him but I could just see that he was a little lover boy. Kim and K-9 Kennels told her the history of Jack upfront that he had had heartworms and has just finished his treatments and that was why he was weak but with the proper diet, care, love, and commitment he would get strong again and be up to par. Boy were they right he is now 95 lbs and absolutely beautiful. I can honestly say I love my baby to death. I cannot even say he adjusted well because it was like we had him from the day he was born the way he just totally fit right in with us. Jack loves to play with other animals and children and no matter the size he is always a gentlemen. He knows he is only allowed to jump up on Mommy when I get home from work because we have a daily routine with this.

It honestly brings tears to my eyes how much I love my puppy. We were told his birthday was in February so we have said it will for on Valentine’s Day since we love him so much. I am actually having him a party( pictures later to be posted) with some of his puppy friends. This summer we plan on taking Jack on vacation to our beach house and out on our boat. I purchased him a life jacket just for safety but we found out since living on a waterfront that he loves the water and loves fishing with Mommy. Well I could honestly go on and on about how GREAT Jack is but just wanted to take a minute to say thanks and to hopefully encourage anyone interested into adopting to go with it.  You will have no regrets.

P.S Thank you Kim for letting us adopt Jack and thank you for giving your time to such a wonderful cause. I will be in touch when we are ready to give Jack a sister. It is great to know you.

Thanks and Love,
Tara, Mike, and Jack
Baltimore, MD 21220

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